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NASA LCROSS moon bombing video 2009

The Earth's Moon

The Earth's Moon

At 6:15 EST this morning NASA bombed the moon this morning (twice) in an attempt to discover if there is water on the moon and they launched a rocket directly at it.

To view the video stream event, click here. Then click on play most recent video.

NASA describes the reasoning that future lunar explorations will be less expensive if there is no need to transport water from Earth.

The missile was expected to travel at twice the speed of a bullet and impact the south pole of the moon; and it should create large debris area…large enough to be seen from Earth, according to the NASA website.

CNN has been airing the public reaction to blasting the moon, and many comments have been negative with many people saying to leave the moon alone.  

Although the video is blurry and to the non-scientist doesn’t make a lot of sense, it is interesting to listen to.   Scientists seem to be very happy with the results.

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