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Meleanie Hain and husband killed in murder suicide

Meleanie Hain, 31 and Scott Hain, 33 were pronounced dead last night after an apparent murder-suicide, police in Lebanon, Pennsylvania said. Their children were at home, but not hurt.

Meleanie Hain was a soccer mom who gained national attention in September of 2008 when she carried a holstered loaded gun to her 5-year-old daughter’s soccer game, and upset other parents.

A neighbor told police that the couple had been having marital problems for about a week, that Scott left the couple’s home on Tuesday, and didn’t return until Wednesday and Meleanie didn’t know where he was.

After carrying the gun to the soccer game, the local ounty sheriff, Michael DeLeo, revoked her gun-carrying permit after parents complained. Stating that he based his decision on state law that prohibits gun permits to people whose character make them a danger to public safety.

Hain appealed the permit revocation, and the judge restored the permit, but questioned her judgment. Hain then filed a federal lawsuit against DeLeo, stating that he violated her constitutional rights by taking the permit away.

After Hain filed the lawsuit against DeLeo, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, offered to defend him for free because they try to reform the gun industry through sensible regulations. “It is a case that calls out for common sense,” Brady Center attorney Daniel Vice said then. “It’s ridiculous to bring a gun to a child’s soccer game,” the Associated Press reported.

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