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Lindquist Summer Associates

My recommendation is to stay away from Lindquist Summer Associates. There are reports that this company’s website has been hijacked and supported with malware either by themselves or somebody has penetrated their systems.

Until further word or new development, avoid Lindquist Summer Associates like a plague.

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    1. Site expert says:

      Yeah it happened with me. When I opened their website, a pop up window came up asking me to download a software to remove viruses. I knew that itself for fishy.

      I rebooted my system, and ran the anti virus to make sure everything was fine.

      Also, sometimes these blogs have ping backs to other fishy blogs. If you see automated words which don’t make sense, never ever click on that link because again these websites host malware and viruses. In case your system is not protected, even visiting such sites can be dangerous for your computer!

    2. Troy says:

      I think Google search engine was earlier showing some unrelated website for the summer internship of this company…it seems to have been corrected.

      I will test it tomorrow and update the article accordingly.


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