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Cybertecture Egg

A break through in the otherwise staid old architecture side. Check this out, cuz its gonna blow you away. James Law have been commissioned by Vijay Associate (Wadhwa Developers) to create an office unlike any other in Mumbai, India.

The 32,000 sq m egg-shaped build will accommodate 13 floors of offices bringing together iconic architecture, environmental design, intelligent systems, and new engineering to create an awe-inspiring landmark in the city.

This is how it was quoted by the building company:

“In the 21st Century, buildings will be different from 20th Century, They are no longer about concrete, steel and glass, but also the new intangible materials of technology, multimedia, intelligence and interactivity. Only recognizing this will bring a new form of architecture to light, namely a Cybertecture.”

Indeed, very breath taking!

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