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The risks and side effects of taking the H1N1 vaccine

Getting the flu shot...should you?

Getting the flu shot...should you?

The H1N1 vaccine is expected to arrive in cities this week.  The vaccine is available in a shot form or nasal spray.  The spray will be more readily available during the first wave of distribution.  People with a compromised immune system (young children and pregnant women) will not be able to receive the nasal spray.  The flu vaccine will be available next week in certain areas, but in the following weeks every city will have it available.  75 million doses will be available by the end of the year.  Check with your doctor about where you can get it.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) claims that they have not seen any serious side effects in studies, and that it has generated a good response.  The CDC recommends a flu shot for those who may experience problems if they were to get the swine flu these groups include: pregnant women, caregivers and household contacts of children younger than 6 months, everyone between the ages of 6 months and 24 years, and people ages 25 to 64 with existing health problems.

The Department of Health and Human Services will post availability listings for the vaccine on  Certain groups will be required to take the vaccine including military and specific state government health care workers, but there are no penalties if someone doesn’t get it.

The CDC has reported that some H1N1 shots will contain the preservative thimerosal, and others won’t. Your doctor will know what your shot contains.  Some people have expressed concern about thimerosal for children because it’s mercury-based, but the CDC states there is no scientific evidence the preservative is harmful.

The big question today is that now it is almost here…do you want it?  Your doctor can help you decide if you are uncertain.

To view the CDC national map of how widespread the virus is in your state, click here

    8 Responses to “The risks and side effects of taking the H1N1 vaccine”

    1. hsr0601 says:

      1. Swine flu vaccines are considered to be safe and effective as the initial symptom is mild.

      2. In my surmise, what is needed most is neither excessive panic over swine flu vaccines nor complacency on the continued pork in-take and unclean environment involving personal hygiene. The primary focus needs to be fixed on the mutation of flu virus followed by the consistent consumption of pork.

      (( Genes included in the new swine flu have been circulating undetected in pigs for at least a decade, according to researchers who have sequenced the genomes of more than 50 samples of the virus. The findings suggest that in the future, pig populations will need to be monitored more closely for emerging influenza viruses, reported a team led by Rebecca Garten of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a report released by the journal Science.))

      3. I personally recognize that wheat is a far better diet than meat on the ground it usually goes out of body with ease and rapidity, and we are well aware that our heath depends upon smooth metabolism and blood stream associated with the immune system and how important our daily workout is, as well.

      I still think the critical conditions mostly come from breach of our immune system, and the food that stays long in the body is more likely to become a source where germs, bacterias and the like multiply.
      Sounds outlandish, but wheat might be a principal “clean and healthy” food that has led western society to the most decent culture of all.

      4. Additionally, a simple action like brushing teeth following each and every meal could make a big difference in our immune system, let alone workout, I believe.

      5. Provided the average temperature is getting higher, accordingly all forms of germs, viruses, and influenza etc are more likely to multiply.

      Some skeptics say the warning against hazards of climate change is overstated, but judging from more frequent and widespread outbreaks of e. coli, salmonella, and bird, swine flu cases endangering human lives and economic recovery seriously, some prompt measures need to be taken, I guess.

      Thank You !

      • Patricio says:

        Ferd I wold love to tell you about our health care syestm, that is free to all Canadian Citizens, I find it so very hard to understand why a country that is the most powerful in the world, could leave more people without health care, then live of all of Canada. and not one person here has to go bankrupt because they got a real serious medical problem .When you hear of people from Canada going to the states for medical is because we here are unable to do it for what ever reason at home for what ever reason like we do not have enough Doctors to do the procedure, or the hospital is full, what ever but you do not hear from your your insurance companies that our Govt picks up the tab unless it is for breast implants for a face lift then the person pays for it.but for all necessary health problems our govt. pays.

      • Nidhish says:

        Where i work we have had several cases of swine flu,not only from crsuomets requiring medication but employeesas well.The threat is far from over as we are just in the middle of flu season.If it didnt freak so many people out id wear a mask all the time at work but its just not gunna happen.I so hate germs .ewwww but hey they everywhere.Well keep well,dont breath in too much around people hahaha cheers

    2. Diana says:

      My five year old just had his yearly flu shot on Friday (as well as saeervl other vaccines at his 5 year well visit). We left the doc’s office around 10am and by 2pm he was complaining of a very sore throat. When I checked his temp a few hours later, he had one of about 100.5. I went into a panic knowing that kids are supposed to be healthy when they have their vaccinations. He didn’t complain of not feeling well at the doc appt. and when the doc did his well visit checkup, he didn’t mention anything not being right.I called the nurses line to ask if him not feeling well/temperature would hinder the efficacy of the vaccines he received that day. She said it was possible depending on the severity of his temperature. What are your views? I’m guessing that he was developing a cold but didn’t have any symptoms at the time of the shots. Do I need to worry that the shots aren’t going to do their job? I’m prone to worrying so any feedback would be helpful.P.S. His little sis had a temp the day before, so we rescheduled her flu shot for this week.VA:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait…

    3. Nitin says:

      I was “obsessed” with her (did I tell you that already, beuacse if I did then I must really be) beuacse I commented on her blog about once every two months and wrote on her fb wall about as often…long, weird back story on that one (actually not long, just weird). So she unfriended me.If she thinks I was obsessed with her, what would she think of me thinking of you every day all day?Mwahahahahaahahahaaa…Of course, I still don’t envy your parenting decision making. Hope it’s all clear by the time the docs actually get the shots.

    4. Thanks a lot for sharing us about this update. Hope you will not get tired on making posts as informative as this.

    5. Mac says:

      I was going to run half marathon on 10/18, On Tuesday of last week I began to feel sick and went to Doctor, she told me I had the flu and it didn’t mttear whether it was reg. flu or H1N1 she advised me not to run. Thank god I took everyones advice and not run! I almost did. Today I feel about 60%My condolences to all of the runners families. To all of you out there listen to doctor and only run if you feel 100%.


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