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Conde Nast closes Gourmet, Cookie and Modern Bride magazine

Gourmet Books will continue to be published

Gourmet Books will continue to be published

Conde Nast announced this morning that Gourmet, Cookie and Modern and Elegant Bride magazines will be closing, while Brides magazine will increase its issues to a monthly release.  Gourmet magazine has been published since 1940, and is perhaps one of the best loved food magazines in the US.  The Gourmet book publishing and television programming will continue, according to this morning’s press release. 

Conde Nast announced the closures of Cookie, Modern Bride and Gourmet magazines this morning.  Conde Nast asked McKinsey & Company to perform a three-month independent study of its magazines.  As a result, McKinsey & Company told several magazines to cut 25% from their budgets.  These three magazines are the first in the cuts.  Conde Nast has lost about 8,000 pages of advertising this year alone, according to the NY Times.

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