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Fashion Designer Rohit Verma in Big Boss 3

Rohit Verma is a fashion designer from India. Perhaps he has yet to gain some international standing as I could not find him on Wikipedia.

So I dug in further and here is what I found. Rohit Verma is in the news and being projected as a fashion designer with some street cred because he has been cast as a “celebrity contestant” in this season’s popular reality show in India called Big Boss 3.

Along with the him, the other ensemble on the set are Aditi Govitrikar, Tanaz Curim, Jaya Sawant(Rakhi Sawant’s mother), Bakhtiyaar, and Raju Srivastav. Some of these guys I have heard, others not.

Bigg Boss 3, is a rip off from the popular English reality show Big Brother. The show is scheduled to be broadcasted everyday and will feature 14 celebrity contestants. The contestants will be locked in the house for 85 days under constant surveillance through 35 cameras.

God save the addled brains of not just the contestants but the viewers who get hooked on to it.

Are you one of the fans of the show? What do you like about it?

    18 Responses to “Fashion Designer Rohit Verma in Big Boss 3”

    1. Hefaz says:

      Hi,Rohit wishing u all the best Insha-Allah u will win i am also from allahabad My best wishes r with u,Right now i am living in Delh…..

      Thanks&Warm Regards,

    2. sm says:

      i knew this guy..he is frm bjs allhabad..junior to me though….

    3. rathore says:

      Hi Rohit,
      wish u all the best. you are doing best in Bigg Boss 3 and i hope u will keep u till last. u r favourable to all becase u looks gentle.

    4. amrit says:


    5. aisha says:

      rohit u r jus awsome ……..i want u to be winner……………………..

    6. aisha says:

      ur a winner for us ……..u really rock dear……..u have so good heart….love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    7. Akshaya says:

      ur such a great human Rohit.
      I LOVE YOU. .
      wish u all d best.
      u r winner for us. . never change urself. .

    8. Stuts says:

      Hi Rohit m too from Allahabad and v all the allahabadis are proud of u!Wish u all the best in life!

    9. Ranjit Kumar says:

      Minds are usually dirty, haven’t heard anything called ‘clean mind yet. However, if you want to see the lowness of a human mind, as to how low one can fall, watch Rohit Verma in Big Boss 3. He bitches about everyone to everyone, and everyone thinks Rohit as his or her best well wisher. In his shameful act falling to ungraceful lowness, he is helping to create situations where others get tested too, for example the self claimed mature heroine of yester years – Poonam jee believes in Rohit, and not in the victims of this fellow. I am sad others got nominated, but not this chankka, who feels and hisses like a snake. Its him who is teh real Naag and Naagin. Hope Bakhtiyar now learns a lesson or two about perils of gossip.

    10. Raman says:

      ROHIT VERMA…LOLzzzzz
      The most bitching personality on BIGBOSS
      i think he is more dangerous then Kamall khan…
      n it will be sad if a perosn like him reaches to final 3..forget about winning…
      its really DIRTY the way h is projecting himself on BIGBOSS….

    11. Rip says:

      Rohit be a man. Or whatever u are. Stop playing dirty. Havent seen a worse person ever.

    12. tangytasha says:

      I think by far Rohit verma is the worst person ever on Bigg Boss, he was the one who actually instigated Kamaal Khan to be mad at him. Also, when the racism issue happened with Claudia he conveniently placed the blame onto Tanaaz and Bakhtiar (what had they done to twist his words with what he spoke to Claudia???), how very manipulative!!!! Almost all contestants who will get out of that house will have their heads held high, but not Rohit. He’s the most disgusting human being ever, I wonder how anyone will trust him after this even outside Bigg Boss.

    13. Ajay says:

      Rohit: try be a human ?? Shame on you.

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