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Robert Halderman Suspect in David Letterman Extortion Scheme

Finally details are emerging on who is the suspect that police arrested for trying to extort and black mail comedy man David Letter.

Robert Halderman (aka Joe Halderman) is the producer of CBS’ 48 Hours and he was arrested in the alleged extortion of David Letterman. Robert Halderman is 51-year-old and he lives in Norwalk, CT. He is an employee of “48 Hours” and has been suspended from his production job pending results of the investigation.

According to reports published on popular celebrity site TMZ, it is clearly indicated that the man arrested in the David Letterman blackmail and extortion case is Robert Halderman who serves as a producer on the CBS investigative show 48 Hours.

Joe Halderman has been suspended from his job. It has also been reported in the media that he lives with a female staff member who works for the same network as him.

This had to be an insider job, there was no doubt about. Do you have any more information available on Robert Halderman?

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      Well, we’ve got Haldeman. Now we need to find Erlichman.


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