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Danica Patrick Milka Duno Fight

Danica and Milka usually slug it out on the race track but this time the confrontation carried over to the pits as well.

But I must say, Danica Patrick handled the situation rather well and came out of it dignified and poised. Where as Milka Duno’s behavior was extremely childish and resembled a disgruntled kid trying to throw tantrums in the school yard.

So what happened.

Apparently, Milka cut off Danica on the track when she saw her competitor trying to edge in front. After the race, Danica came over to ask her about this, whether it was done intentionally or not, but in stead Milka threw a hissy fit, and some towels at Danica.

Danica was poised and just wanted some answers but Milka was breathing fire.

Check out the video of the confrontation:

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