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David Letterman Blackmailed

So somebody tried to blackmail the funny man David Letterman for money and instead got a black eye. According to the latest reports, the extortionist is now cooling his/her heels in the cop shop already.

How and where did it all start?

David Letterman was having affairs with staffers on his production team. Thats right, when not busting Palin’s chops on his show or doing his Top 10 routine, Mr Letterman was wheeling and greasing his networks.

Some Joe Blow found about it, we don’t know any names yet, but that person started sending threatening messages about making this balling public unless Mr Letterman pays off.

Letterman did the right thing here by going to the grand jury and confessing it up. The cops came up with the decoy check scheme – who in his/her right mind agrees to a payoff by check?! – and when the perp tried to encash it, was busted.

I would really like to know the names here. What was the name of the suspect who was taken into custody for blackmailing David Letterman? Did that person really think one could easily get away with extortion?

Also, when is the staffer going to step forward and tell everybody their side of the story? Whats the staffers name to begin with. Too many questions and very few answers. This is going to get more interesting in the coming days.

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In case you know the names of other people involved in this incident, like the staffer or the blackmailer, list them below.

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