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So You Think You Can Dance Flash

A funny and embarrassing thing happened to one contestant in the So you think you can dance episode. Perhaps you are one of the many TV fans who feels that reality TV participants are getting too much coverage and are exposed. But this exposed? Nobody thought it like this.

A female auditioner on Tuesday night’s episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” was so excited after she was told by the judges that she is one of the selected candidates that she did a hip hop roll on the floor without realizing one very important thing.

Se wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

In a slow-motion video that has now been posted on multiple sites on the internet, it’s impossible to say whether contestant #22036 was in fact completely uncovered as she lolled on the floor in happy relief after learning she’d made it to the show’s next round. But the video clearly reveals too much. If she was wearing panties, it certainly looks like they weren’t covering everything that they are supposed to.

How censors the show’s network Fox managed to miss the crotch shot, when casual viewers obviously did not, may be destined to remain a mystery.

Did you check it out? What do you think about it?

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