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Vampires Are Us

Came across something very interesting today. It was satire at its best and humor as subtle as they come.

I didn’t know what to make out of it when I read it the first time. But what I did note was, that they take their job really seriously, and are they focused or what.

Check out how they describe themselves.

The American Vampire League is the largest organization in the United States dedicated to promoting the equality and civil liberties of vampires. The AVL takes a three-pronged approach: lobbying for the Vampire Rights Act at state and national levels, disseminating accurate information about vampires to the general public and offering guidance to vampires seeking to mainstream.

Each of these efforts supports one ultimate mission: To eradicate the fear and hatred of vampires that is caused by both widespread misinformation and an entire race’s punishment for the crimes of a few. Since the discovery and marketing of synthetic blood, there is no longer any reason for vampires to remain hidden — or to be shunned or discriminated against.

To humans we say: Vampires are your neighbors, your nightwatchmen, your ancestors. And to my fellow vampires: It’s time we all come out of the darkness. Let’s learn to live together without fear.

Its actually a show being promoted by HBO and the marketing wants to make vampires as real as possible. Even to the extent that vampires are an integral part of any society.

    4 Responses to “Vampires Are Us”

    1. Rambo says:

      I think its good that Vampires are actually coming out they have feared to come out for who knows how long and for no reason i have believed my whole life they are real and they really are im happy for them you souldn’t have to hide i would love to have a conversation with one

    2. Troy says:

      Rambo, I support you. We should have more vampires stepping out of the closet. And in fact to celebrate that, we should even have Vampire pride parade in downtown New York.

    3. Regina says:

      I love reading vampire books and I’m so intrested in looking into this. I’m only 15 and I know my opinion probably won’t be taken seriously, but I think that it’s a good think that vampires’ are coming out into the open. I’m looking forward to watching the… documentary? tonight.


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