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Conan O’Brien injured Teri Hatcher released statement

Conan O'Brien - The Tonight Show

Conan O'Brien - The Tonight Show

Conan O’Brien hit his head during a stunt for the Tonight Show on Friday, and the show was cancelled. Conan O’Brien was taken to the hospital.

Teri Hatcher was with Conan O’Brien when he fell, she said: “We did this bit and at the very end, when we ran in to cross the finish line, he slipped as he was crossing the finish line and hit his head,” Teri says. “And the thing was, I was in front of him so I didn’t see it initially.

“He didn’t get off floor right away, but then he [seemed] like he recovered and [pulled] it together, and they did an instant replay, and you could really see his head hit the floor.” She continued, “He did go to the hospital and he does have a concussion.”

Teri added that she heard Conan is fine and just needs to rest.

“I was just a wreck,” she says, continuing, “like we had a great day and it couldn’t have been better — and then that was the ending to it, and it was awful; you don’t want to see anyone get hurt.”

O’Brien issued a statement through NBC that indicates he doesn’t think it is that serious.  “Last thing I remember I was enjoying the play with Mrs. Lincoln, and the next thing I knew I was in bed being served cookies and juice” O’Brien said in the statement.

NBC has not stated when taping for the show will resume.

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