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ABC’s Flash Forward is a hit April 29, 2010

Joseph Fiennes plays Mark Benford

Joseph Fiennes plays Mark Benford

FlashForward is definitely the next Lost.  It is full of questions.  There is a diverse group of characters, led by actor Joseph Fiennes, whose lives intersect in some way.  The cast includes two people from Lost, Dominic Monahan (who played Charlie) and Sonya Walger (who played Penny).  

The story is this: everyone in the entire world blacks out for 2 minutes 17 seconds, some had visions or dreams about the future, and for some it was as if they were sleeping and they remember nothing.  For those who remember, they all remember the date in their dream is April 29, 2010 and they figure out through connecting with one another how they affect each other on that day.  Some don’t like the vision they saw of their future, and some do.  Some wonder if they didn’t have a dream because they won’t be alive when April 29, 2010 arrives.  And some begin to wonder if they can change their future. 

Olivia Benford plays Sonya Walger

Olivia Benford plays Sonya Walger

Like Lost, there are a lot of questions that may take months to answer: why was there a kangaroo running down the street?  How did the little boy know the doctors name?  Why did the little girl say that in her dream all the good days are gone?

Lost constantly asked the question ‘where are we?’, and in Flash Forward the question will be, ‘what did you see?’ Fiennes character is the one asking why the world blacked out in the first place.  Expect plenty of unanswered questions.  The show is on Thursday nights on ABC.   

On and you can watch the first full episode, and live webcast of shows, join the discussion board, or get Flashforward text alerts sent to your phone or PDA.  Or if you’ve watched the show and have seen something that I’ve missed, feel free to comment below.

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    1. Skyler says:

      I found out why April 19th is ‘significant’

      FlashForward is based on a book by Robert J. Sawyer.

      Sawyer (not the one from Lost) was born on April 29th, 1960

    2. tommy says:

      The little boy knew the doctors name because he is the son of the man who she was sleeping with in her dream. The son obviously saw her in his dream, hence the reason he knew her name.

    3. m says:

      April 29 also happens to be a Thursday. Flashforward airs on Thursday nights. Likely April 29 would be the series’ season/grand finale. Which also happens to be 217 days from when it premiered… Sept 24.


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