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Final Fantasy xiii Xbox 360

A word up on Final Fantasy (FF) though I wont say its finally coming soon just because some executive gave a speech in down town LA.

Wired is reporting that, this games producer spoke to an American audience through a translator and explained the company’s plans to bring the game to the Xbox 360 as an effort to “bring as much fun to as many people as possible.”

The executive went on to explain that the change in the title’s PlayStation 3 exclusivity was necessary due to “market situation for the Xbox 360 in the U.S. and Europe.” [Read – due to their greed for fat cat profits.]

Rumors abound that the game is still too early in develoment to warrant any release date right now though the company would definitely work on first getting the game released in the Japanese market and then beyond.

Whats with all the game developers competing with each other in announcing dates even when the product is couple of months away from being released in the market. A lot of buzz is generated just to excite the fans and keep then wanting for more.

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