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Whoopi Slams Kate Gosselin Over Custody Dispute

Current flavor of the reality season, mom Kate Gosselin taped a pilot for a new TV show and unsurprisingly everybody gave her rave reviews.

According to one of the junior associates who works on the show, the pilot went extremely well and everybody simply loved it. According to this associate, the support crew and media executives simply loved Kate and she did a great job out there. The view is unanimous that Kate would be a big hit in this reality show. is the plot behind this new pilot starring Kate Gosselin. This pilot attempts to further open up the live of Kate Gosselin and her family to the media. It shows what Mama Gosselin thinks about food to family parental issues.

To promote the new show Kate Gosselin visited the set of popular show ABC’s The View last week and debuted a new hair style.

When the hosts of The View told Kate about the reviews she had gotten so far for her new pilot, Kate said she was not surprised.

But then immediately Whoopi jumped on Kate and started slamming her on over the custody dispute she is currently having with her ex husband. Whoopi Goldberg initiated a heated argument with Kate Gosselin when she brought up a recent custody battle where cops were called to the Gosselin home after Kate showed up during Jon’s court-allotted time with the tots.

Check out the Youtube video clip of Kate Gosselin and Whoopi Goldberg exchange:

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