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The New Yorker Obama Cover

The magazine considered the bible of the WASPs – White Anglo Saxon Protestant – and liberal intelligentsia was under attack on Monday for a satirical cover depicting Barack Obama as a Muslim and his wife Michelle as a terrorist.

David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, defended his magazine’s cover on CNN Monday by likening it to “Stephen Colbert in print.”

Steve Colbert, is the goofy host of the popular show – The Colbert Report on I believe Comedy Central.

    4 Responses to “The New Yorker Obama Cover”

    1. Prince Solmon says:

      The New Yorker’s cover gives an absolute correct statement of Obama affairs. He has been a practicing Muslim who was fathered by two Muslims; both of his fathers were not citizen of United States. He studied in a Wahabi’s religious school in a Muslim country who loves Osama bin Laden. He always hated Americans and America. All foregoing facts are documented; even I can provide the documentary proof.

      His wife is the same who always hated America and has been very militant. Her college and university records prove that.

      Obama has no moral courage even to deny the allegations against him; what he has done so far just laughed off the questions. The office of the President and Commander in Chief of United States requires an absolute highest moral integrity. He has been lying to the American people since day one; he simply is an unethical man who appears to be a fraud when it comes to common ground. How can we accept such a man to run our country?

      • Sarge says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Obysmal is the name I’d give him. He’s made a bad showing already by ramming thru the House an already-unpopular bill that a large part of this nation has loudly stated it does NOT want. Socialism is a dead theory, advanced by a dreamer or two who had no experience in actually running anything between them. Not a business, nor a nation, Marx and Engels were academics who never had any practical experience in government, and now our “Prez” wants to ram home a non-workable medical system, and closes down Gitmo, returning 25 Al-Qaeda soldiers to the battlefield. He is trying to scale down the military, and Carter & Clinton almost destroyed our capacity in that area, prior to this. When will we EVER learn???

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