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Ochocinco Lambeau Leap Goes Viral

Chad Ochocinco Lambeau Leap came during the Bengals game against Green Bay today. Here is the story on how it all transpired. One thing to keep in mind is that all this was not some spur of the moment thing but actually making good on a promise.

The show boating Bengals receiver got an opportunity to do the Lambeau Leap after he successfully caught a 13 yard touchdown pass in the 3rd Quarter of Cincinnati’s game against crowd favorites Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

Chad Ochocinco, after completing the touch down went to the end zone, he made sure the flag on the play was against Green Bay Packers, looked for a spot to make his jump. At this time he had dozens or so camera crew following him around.

The spot was quite apt, among the Bengals fans sitting together. Also, according to media reports Chad Ochocinco had thought about doing this stunt for quite some time before finally deciding that he wouldn’t be disrespectful and hence can carry it out.

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