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Juanes Cuba Concert Online

If you are a Spanish music fan, you will love this. Right now musicians are singing in tribute to Cuba so that peace may prevail. Also United States, especially Florida, has significant Cuban population.

If you would like to catch the show online via a live streaming web video of the Juanes Havana Cuba Concert “Peace Without Borders” (Concierto Paz Sin Fronteras), I have included the link below.

The best part about all this is that the Juanes Cuba concert which is being held at Plaza de la Revolucion is totally free and can be accessed online as well.

The concert featuring  Olga Tañón and Miguel Bose runs four hours and started at 11 am PST Sunday.

Here is live streaming video:


If you are wondering how come the show is being shown for free, well somebody is still footing the expenses and that is Juanes, Olga Tañón and Miguel Bose.

The list of peformers in the show include Spain’s Victor Manuel, Miguel Bose, Luis Eduardo Aute, Puerto Ricans Dany Rivera and Olga Tañón, Ecuadorian Juan Fernando Velazco and Italy’s Jovanotti.


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