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Raymond Clark III Wiki

Raymond Clark III until some days back used to be a Yale University lab technician when the needle of suspicion fell on him for the disappearance of Yale Pharmacology graduate Annie Le.

Raymond Clark III failed some of the lie detector tests also called polygraph tests in the police jargon. After initially being named as the ‘Person of Interest’ he has been formally arrested and charged for the slaying of Yale graduate major Annie Le.

For a day or so, it was believed that Raymond was absconding with his girl friend and fiancee Jennifer Hromadka. But cops were soon able to arrest the suspected individual.

Since the time the news became famous a lot of interested people have been searching the internet for more information on Annie Le, Raymond Clark III, and the girlfriend Jennifer Hromadka. For in the initial searches, you could actually see Raymond’s and Jennifer Hromadka’s wedding site, Raymond’s Facebook page, and Jennifer Hromadka’s Myspace page where a lot of users left messages and posts.

But now most of these pages and sites have been taken down. However we were able to recover some of the photographs for you, check them out.

Raymond Clark III Girl Friend Jennifer Hromadka

Raymond Clark III Initial Suspect

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