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Linda McMahon For Senate

This just went on the newswire that Linda McMahon is resigning from the WWE ring and instead switching to running for the Senate. Sounds shocking initially but when you come to think of it, both are not much different.

LA Times is also joking that perhaps Rock and Triple H will consider assisting her as campaign managers. I can already wager that she would call out huge crowds who might just want to see her and partake in the fun. Now will they vote for her or take her seriously? That remains to be seen.

It has not been hard for male media stars like Arnold, Ronald, Al Franken to run for political offices so maybe the California voter base might actually like the idea. But since she is running from Connecticut, we’ll adopt a wait and watch policy.

Linda McMahon Bio & Wiki

Linda McMahon is the wife of the top dog at WWE Inc and she is a chief executive officer at that entity. She is going to resign from that office to make an official run at the senate seat in her home state of Connecticut. Lina McMahon is a Republican and will look to unseat the current incumbent Democrat Christopher Dodd in the 2010 elections.

Connecticut has a huge base of financial firms, especially some of the world’s top Hedge Fund companies. Democrat Todd sits tight with these financial whizkids. So if Ms Linda McMahon has to make a dent in that paradigm, she has to get to know these guys well.

Linda is not considered as over the top as her husband, WWE chairman Vince, but Linda McMahon is considered the brains behind all the success of this venture. She has been CEO since 1997 and carried quite a weight on Wall Street.

WWE is a successful and rich venture so as long as she has her husband’s backing, which I suppose she does, money and media attraction should not be a problem. And then of course she would have a lot of WWE super stars rooting and campaigning for her. Thats always a plus.

With Linda McMahon focusing her energies on the senate seat, it is expected that Vince McMahon will assume the responsiblities of CEO and take the company from here. The WWE franchise has indicated that they are looking to launch a cable network and make more movies starring his WWE stars.

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