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Lil Mama On Stage With Jay Z

All these music awards are getting atrocious with every passing year. So much so that it is difficult to say whether its all a planned stunt or somebody decides to become a jackass on the spur of the moment. It started with Eminem dropping butt-first on Bruno and this year first we had Kayne West getting on stage and grabbing the mike from another winner and now this – Lil Mama crashes stage when Jay Z and Alicia Keys are performing.

It was quite an odd spectacle when Jay Z and Alicia were performing  “Empire State of Mind,” and there you had Lil Mama gate crashing and trying to be part of the show. When the song ended, you had her standing even more awkwardly, like a sore thumb.

Needless to say, this incident promptly became a trending topic on all social media including Twitter, Facebook and Google. In spite of all the buzz around, nobody still knows what in heaven’s name was Lil Mama doing on the stage?

What do you think? Take a shot below.

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