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Pentagon Worker Sentenced In Spying Case

CNN is reporting that an ex Pentagon worker who supplied classified information to a New Orleans furniture salesman, whom he thought was, a Taiwanese aligned individual, but in reality a mainland China spy has been convicted of spying. The sentencing would be carried out later.

At the sentencing, 51 year old Gregg W. Bergersen of Alexandria apologized and said he never meant to hurt his country and he did it out of the sense that ends justified the means. All the time thinking that he was further strengthening the defence of American ally Taiwan.

Gregg reiterated in court that he did not do it for money but evidence provided by government prosecutors showed otherwise,

Prosecutors, though, said Bergersen was indeed motivated by financial gain, citing the thousands of dollars that Kuo gave him on gambling trips to Las Vegas, as well as Kuo’s promise of future employment after Bergersen retired from the federal government.

Chinese attacks on US, be it in the form of cyber or sleep agents is a potent, growing, and a long term threat that needs to be dealt on war term footing.

There is a huge population of Chinese expatriates in United States which the Chienese government can exploit to further its nefarious designs. To counter that, US needs to step up its efforts and see beyond its current embroglio of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Read more details about the spying case from here.

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