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Cheronda Guyton

This recession is putting a significant burden of countless Americans who cannot pay their mortgage, find jobs, pay their bills etc. But not everybody is facing these issues. Ask Cheronda Guyton.

Cheronda Guyton is a corporate executive with the mainstream bank Wells Fargo & Co. and she moved into a $12 million Malibu beach house soon after the mansion was handed over to the bank.

The previous owners of this Malibu property were scammed by the ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff and had to return the mansion to the bank to make up for the unpaid bills.

So this corporate fat cat – Cheronda Guyton – picks it up from there and uses the bank property for her own degenerative purposes. Cheronda Guyton held weekend bashes and parties in this Malibu mansion and even held personal get together with his friends and families.

Does the bank allow its officers to use the company properties for such endeavors? Even if the company does, there is a whole lot of stink to this thing.

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    1. Anthony says:

      Cheronda is female and you consistently say “he”, “him” and “his”

    2. Miguel says:

      Is Cheronda Guyton a Based on the name and behavior, I would assume so.

      • mella says:

        Why would you say such an offensive thing (abbreviated or not)?! At this point it does not really matter what Cheronda is….

        • Marnie says:

          Of course she is. Ghetto is as ghetto does and all the money or titles in the world can’t fix that. Neither will pretending that the ghetto/entitlement attitude is non-existent simply because it’s not politically correct.

          • Ashamed! says:

            Miguel and Marnie you are both racists. But I don’t think I had to tell you that. Miguel, you’re clearly a Latino and should know better (maybe you’re the kind who passes for “white”) and Marnie you probably trailer trash because only an uneducated person would say such a thing! I am ashamed that it is 2009 and we still have to put up with racism and stereotypes in this country!

            • Death Poet says:

              I have a college degree and like you I was once an idiotic libtard black loving fool. However, living among them in LA has taught me one thing, they destroy anything that we, the other races, love. They move into good neighborhoods and within months there trash and crime. In conclusion, the talented tenth of them that can amount to anything will never make up for the 90% of them that are handout monkeys. Next time you want to complain about using that word, just think about your taxes going to their welfare queen’s, ACORN, etc. Think about your taxes going to Africa, the welfare continent. Think about the fact that Martin Luther King Jr has a day dedicated to him even though he has a confidential FBI record showing he regularly enjoyed prostitutes at the expense of his congregation, plagiarized his doctoral thesis, had communist sympathies, and his real name was Michael King but his name was changed to make it sound more prolific. Now this idiot who was martyred gets his own holiday and George Washington, the general who freed us from the British, gets to share a day with all other presidents and their retarded race gets a month where we get to learn the liberal retard “facts” about blacks. I make sure to call at least one black animal I see each day during black history month the n word every day. And those that say I’m just angry, yes I am angry, I’m an angry Asian guy who is sick and tired of the handout monkeys getting away with murder and getting off by claiming racism. I got a question for you? If there was a group of people that although they made up only 13% of a population they took up 40% of the welfare, made up over 50% of the jail criminals, and over 60% of them were in some stage of the correctional system, is it wrong to hate them? These “people” occupy the lowest socioeconomic rung on any society they occupy. They consistently test in the retarded level for IQ tests and have proven themselves to not be able to act civilized around decent humans. Let’s say they were purple, would it be wrong to hate all purple people? Now let’s say they are black, it doesn’t matter what color they are, it matters that the majority of black people seem to be welfare monkey criminals that only want to destroy society.

            • Silsmojo says:

              Hey Angry Asian Guy aka Death Poet…shut up and go make me some SUSHI.

          • me says:

            marnie – your name makes one think what is your decent? ghetto/trash/nasty/ what? this person has done what many are doing but have not been exposed yet. we tend to reflect on the things that has nothing to do with our individual selves.

            • drama says:

              death poet- i have never read a more digusting and hate filled message. I cannot believe that you ever liked “blacks” so your comment that you were once a loving black fool is a “JOKE”. Cheronda Guyton didn’t do anything that her superiors haven’t been doing for years. Her big mistake was the fact that she is black and blacks are held at a different standard than any other race. We as “blacks” know this. Cheronda just made the mistake of forgetting that important fact “black” will always be treated different and the same standard that applies to the “good old boy network” does not apply to us, “blacks”. I didn’t know you could take a license plate number from a park car and have grounds to get personal information for personal use. Is that legal? Oops, my bad, the people requesting that information was not black but white. (Different Standard) P.S. I hope Cheronda Guyton does a “TELL ALL” about the whole crooked Wells Fargo Organization.

      • Objective says:

        Hmmm…are we really saying that everyone with the name “Cheronda” is of African descent AND has bad integrity? If so, then can we say that everyone with the name “Bernard” in America is a financial crook & scam artist?

        Because I work in the real estate industry, vacant foreclosures in a neighborhood are a serious problem. It actually is better to have a foreclosure occupied to keep the house maintained, prevent theft, break-ins, illegal activities, etc…. Now although Cheronda’s party behaviors are unacceptable, maintaining the house for the bank was in Wells Fargo’s best interest.

      • majestik says:


        You are so ignorant. With your name and the stupidity of your question are you even a LEGAL citizen????????

      • Gigi says:

        eff you Miguel. Illegal taco azz

      • Stevie says:

        That’s why I’m saying there’s not one picture of her .. It would be a Black Eye ( no pun intended ) for the ” New deal ” of the Obama Administration .. Have you noticed that there’s a Black in every commercial ? and that every one is made to look like a smart person, next to a white ? … False Advertising , I say …

      • ashamed says:

        are you a wet back…. no she’s not black …. she’s white… DUMMY!!!!

        • Silsmojo says:

          NO, she’s African-American …there’s a wedding picture of her & her husband on the web…DUMMY!

        • Razor says:

          Ashamed, she’s not white, she is black you dipshit. If you do a simple search on the internet, you can see a picture of what is clearly a black person. Also, not to play stereotypes, (but they are usually true otherwise they wouldn’t be stereotypes) no white person would name their child Cheronda.

          Please get your facts right before you make ignorant, incorrect statements.

        • Brown Man says:

          I met her and she’s black and who cares what color she is. She F’d up and that’s got nothing to do with her race. Most of the comments above are racist and you should all blow it out your back side. You don’t get to say racist stuff about any minority because your white and you don’t get to say racist stuff back because your a minority. It stinks both ways. You just show your ignorance. There are good and bad in all colors of people. She was a very bright individual who made some major league bad choices. But bad choices and misusing company property is the extent of it. You want to talk about a white crook .. how about the Butthead that caused the owner to lose the house. Good old white Man Bernie. Again nothing to do with race. He’s just a crook who should die in prison with someones private parts up his back side. But that’s just me talking. See I lost money with Bernie too. Not near what these people lost but a personal fortune to me. Crime has nothing to do with color. It has to do with being too poor or too greedy.

      • gloria says:

        manuel I excuse you you probably came on a boat or swam or your ancestors did you probably have done worse you are just not worth being in the news

      • me says:

        miguel- your name lends people to know that you are of hispanic/latino decent. thing of it is she did what she did, her race did not have a factor. you also leave room for much battery again you…becare of what you say of anyone. your past/present/future is within you.

      • Miguel says:

        It is a shame that you use these types of offensive words. It seems as though you have a lot of hatred in your heart. You should repent of your sins and ask Jesus Christ to come in your life and help you release this anger.

      • Silsmojo says:

        Miguel… tu etes un PENDEJO. For all of you who don’t read Spanish, I just called him what he is…STUPID. I’m ashamed for my race. Not the entire race, just idiots like this one who makes it hard for all of us. Everytime we take one step forward, an ignoramus puts us two steps back.

      • Charles says:

        Migel, using the N word- with a name like miguel? have you not felt the sting of racism.

    3. Dutch says:

      Cheroda needs to be fired before the end of the weekend

      • united says:

        Cheronda has been fired. Please note that the people who have been making racist comments on here should be ashamed of themselves.

        Racist rhetoric hurts everyone, if you cannot engage in intelligent discourse without resorting to name calling then try not to interact with decent people.

        • Death Poet says:

          Is it not intelligent to open your eyes and start to hold blacks accountable for blacks? They only make up 13% of our population but over 60% of them are in some stage of the correctional system. Is it racist to simply state the truth? I hate black people, not because they are black, but because so many of them are criminals that it seems pointless for me to give the few that are good a chance. Love Death Poet

    4. Avril says:

      WOW, Miguel & Marnie, Really???????? First off, Miguel you are probably a “stump” of a man (as most mexican men are short) who tries to make himself look okay by putting others down. Actually believe it or not you Miguel are considered a NIGGER. As well as Marnie. Contrary to popular belief a nigger is an ignorant person, and this applies in more ways than one to the both of you. And by the way, I hope the both of you are enjoying your President!!!!! You are both worthless pieces of SHIT. Get a life…..

      • Death Poet says:

        Then Avril, you’re a nigger too. Though I must ask you to cite your proof that nigger means ignorant, if it does mean what you think, you too are a nigger. These men are simply stating their belief that this silverback is an n-word. Contrary to your belief, I can’t think of much more stereotypical characteristics of an N-word than precisely what it did. Finally, don’t call it successful, most public companies need their quota of affirmative action n.i.g.g.e.r.s to make the government happy. If you’re really so fine with blacks, please try to mail something at the USPS in LA, you’ll open your eyes and hate them just as much as I do.

        • WhySoAngry says:

          Somehow I think people of your own race regard you as disfunctional. Hate is insatiable, you can never satisfy its hunger, please let it go for your own good. Hopefully you releasing this anger allows you to function better interpersonally, however unlikely.

    5. michael says:

      Here is a marriage picture of her from Jet magazine…this woman is f*%^&d. Looks like papa is a preacher, too. This could get VERY ugly.


    6. Jonnyv says:

      Ironically, Ashamed is as racist as Marnie and Miguel. Calling other cultures degrading insults, including Whites, shows the ultimate ignorance. Let’s see what Wells Fargo releases.

    7. MD says:

      I think the one thing we can agree on is that people take advantage of other people in situations like because they way were raised poorly. The scariest thing about it is that Wells Fargo thinks this kind of classless person is perfect in upper management.

    8. Ben says:

      I’m sure Cheronda is a huge Obama supporter— redistributing the wealth (to themselves)

    9. BG says:

      The issue is not related to race, but to class. The excesses of managerial class, which is now in control of this country, are well known. The fact that these excesses span all races just confirms the class theory.

      However, race clearly influenced some of the comments – like for example linking Cheronda to Barack – and may have been the reason why the neighbors, who all appear to be white, reported the misuse of the property in the first place.

    10. Joo says:

      This is about race, not names. Change Bernard to Jew and you have a point.

    11. Ash says:

      Transients live in foreclosed homes everyday, just don’t have parties. The reason she was caught is b/c Tom Hanks lives near by with other celebs. When they saw blacks partying in Malibu it was over before it began! Does it matter that she was black? Heck no it is her unethical behavior. Good luck finding a job in this economy Cheronda! HA!

      • Chuck says:

        Come on. I very much doubt that Tom Hanks is anything close to a racist, as you intimate. And surely, there are plenty of Hollywood-type blacks that party in Malibu. My guess is that one or more of the neighbors knew that the property was in foreclosure and informed the police that something was “fishy.” Or, perhaps, the party goers were just too noisy for the neighbors.

    12. Uncle Tom says:

      I’m glad this piece of sh*t is now in the unemployment line. Serves her right for being a dishonest and greedy bitch. Hears to ya, don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

    13. Sheila says:

      I would bet a months pay that most of the people who have ripped of America in the banking scandal are overwhelmingly white and male. Undoubtedly Ms. Guyton had one thing most of us don’t: access afforded as a (formerly) high ranking banking executive. I would hope that most of the neighbors were more bothered by someone partying in their former neighbors’ (who obviously fell on hard times) home, than they were about Ms. Guyton being African American. A store clerk once told me during a Midnight Madness sale at the mall that while the security guards were following around the black customers, the white customers (like him) were ripping the place off. The economic downturn was caused by a bunch of white, rich guys that no one was watching. Our country will continue to suffer from the effects of racism in this manner unless and until we begin to see beyond race.

    14. Sheila says:

      …one more thing – to Miguel and Marnie – isn’t the anonymity of the internet great? Bet you wouldn’t speak those words directly to a really large black guy!

      • Jake says:

        Why? Would the brother resort to violence and whip their butts? Then he’d go to jail with all the other violent ‘Keeping it real’ brothers that Miguel and Marnie talk about.

        You make a good point about blacks. Blacks use violence as thier means to solve all their problems. The beat their women and shoot each other cause de be disrepected. You just supportes Miguel’s and Marnie point of view about blacks being low lifes.

        Even you know they are violent by your comment, everone does. Just read any newspaper in any town.

        As long as blacks call each other the n-word, they degrade thier own race worse that any white person could. If Miguel and Marnie were blacks, then everyone would appluad them for be so truthful.

        • Kara says:

          Black people are people too. A large black man might fight someone just like a large white man might fight someone. Black people don’t use violence to solve all of our problems. While domestic abuse does happen in black homes it isn’t as common as it is in white homes. Black people shoot each other as much as white people shoot each. Everyone wants to talk about black on black crime nobody ever wants to talk about white on white crime.

          It’s funny, the internet and blogs like this are the last refuge of the out and out, ignorant racist. Because racism is so ignorant it can’t exist like this anywhere else but here. No one has to challenge a racist to say something racist to a large black guy, say at work. Say it at a restaurant or the movies or hanging out with friends. But I bet you won’t because you’re afraid what people would say about you or to you about the ignorance you’re spouting. Cheronda Guyton fucked up. But she is 1 or many wall-street types that took advantage of her position and screwed up. But because she’s black she’s not afforded the opportunity to simply have screwed up and be due the consequences that go with her screw up. Because she’s black she worse than all the other people like her that have done something similar or worse.

          Our actual differences in skin color amount to nothing. Our differences in culture in this country and outside of it make us richer. But racial and cultural differences in the country have long been used as a device to divide us. Racism is used as a receptcle for ignorance: Angry because you didn’t get the job, blame a black guy. Angry because you didn’t get into the university, must be a black man’s fault. Crime is up, it has to be because of all of the black people; if we kill the babies surely crime will go down. Because white people were just peaceloving and crime-free before black people came along. And whites don’t commit crimes or do drugs.

          Honestly, as smart as some these racists think they are, I’m surprised they would fall for the trap of racism. It’s preprogrammed thinking and if I thought were a bright person (which I think that I am) I would hate for someone or some device (racism) to do all the thinking for me.

          In truth, racism is about you, the perpetuator or racism. It’s a reflection of your angst, insecurities or perceived inadequacies and how you’re willing to heap all of that onto blacks or jews or asians or whites to avoid actually opening your eyes and mind to see what’s really there.

    15. Jim says:

      Racism is bad for all. No way people of color all think alike, or all whites think alike. The economy has hit white older males the hardest. Better stop thinking about color, and think about character. I am white and many of my best friends have been from every walk of life. The country was founded by whites that wanted equality. The Republicans and the Democrats are both stealing your money. It’s called ethnic minipulation. Get in the melting pot folks because we are in this TOGETHER. Shut up and go make a friend. If you do not then YOU are the problem.

    16. Stevie says:

      I cannot find a single Photo of this person … Is she Female ? More important , I ‘m willing to bet that she is Black… That’s the reason that there’s no pictures of her . It would be a Black Eye for the Obama ” New deal ” ….

    17. Jim says:

      Oh, one more thing, when you hear a politician say ” People of Color” they are racist. Do you really think that Eskimos, Blacks, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Asians, Japanese, Chinese, Cubans, Koreans, Mungs, Vietnamese, American Indians, and many many others have the same fight? So that would be against people of Russian, Irish (who were slaves too), French, Germans, British, Spanish Mexicans (Considered white in Mexico), Swedish,Nordics,Dutch.

      I can go on and on. DO YOU GET IT? Better get in the melting pot folks, or you will destroy this country.

      • ladybug says:

        Jim, You hit it. all this vitriol… my oh my. yes she may be black but does that implicate the pres/ the country? plez people get a grip. greed and corruption knows no color. white folks have had a sincere advantage in this game. what about your 401K’s folks…. think about wall street and the house/senate and all those white faces who support you.
        Stop thinking about color and think for yourselves. be a part of the solution everyone.
        okay i’m done. back to the ball game- baseball that is.

    18. tom says:

      Its a shame that we have not come very far in race issues. I noticed there are a lot of racial slurs being tossed around whenever there are incidents. For a country that promises equal and fair treatment for all, there are still a lot of bigots around. A country founded by people escaping from persecution seems to harbor many intolerant, and hateful citizens

    19. Miss Criss says:

      I must say, I never read blogs, but I needed to know what people are saying, this is all very interesting to see how Cheronda is being viewed.First of all, thank you Tom for being a thoughful thinker. I too am a Black executive who works for a larg finanical company. Some of you have cut Cheronda down for doing what all executives do. What’s not reported how many other of her VP’s had used the porpeity befor she did, what she did wast not right in your openion, but it’s done ALL THE TIME. Nothing is ever said. When the white male executives take liberity’s Understand the only reason why Cheronda got cought is because She is BLACK, and the neighbors took notice if that. “They were not being loud and Ghetto as what was reported or having too much fun” the white neighbors knew that there were’nt any blacks around there that had it going on that that. They got their noes in somtthing that was not any of there business. I wonder if Cheronda will spill the beans on all the other VP’s and Board of Directors who knew what was going on all the time. Everyone was enjoying Bernie Madoff crib not just Cheronda nad her family she just got cought.

      • Jake says:

        It’s the “because she’s black” excuse again and not because she got caught doing something wrong. When will the black race grow up and accept personal responsibilty for their actions. Just shut up with it!

      • Razor says:

        Miss Criss,

        Are you kidding me. You claim to be a black executive and yet you can’t spell and have terrible grammar. There are at least 10 spelling errors, misplaced apostrophes, grammatical errors, etc. in the above post. If you want people to take your opinions seriously, you should focus on using the language properly.

        Also, stop blaming the white male for all of the problems of your race. Take responsibility, get educated and fix your situation.

      • Steve says:

        I knew it would only be a matter of time till some one posted the fact that she’s not culpable because she’s black. Give me a break. By the way, what college did you go to? Ghetto Tech? I’ll bet you majored in english. Am I right?

      • Steve says:

        It was only a matter of time before an apologists reared their ignorant head and defended her based on what they claim white executives do. Give me a break. Everyone knows they’re a bunch of assholes already. That doesn’t excuse her arrogance and stupidity. Its against corporate policy period. Have to wonder how much bailout money went into her account as a reward for driving the economy into the ground. One more thing Miss Chris, what did you major in? English?

    20. J says:

      Does anyone really understand the word “Ghetto”?? It’s German, it’s where the Nazis moved people of Jewish ancestry from their homes and communities. It doesnt equate to Blacks anymore than it does to Whites, Latinos, Asians or any other. Being raised in the “Hood” doesnt make you horrible, violent or a slacker. Many, many talented, celebrated, educated people of many cultures were born and raised in what is considered the “Hood”. Their parents raised them to respect the law, love God and become a upstanding citizen. Try reading something other than Sports Illustrated, People, Jet, Ebony, and other material which doesnt teach anything about things which is unimportant. In other words, GROW UP!!!!!!

    21. Tom says:

      Miss Criss you are an “Executive”(what?) your writing & spelling presents you as of low intelligence.

      Sadly, Death poet is correct on all points. Abraham Lincoln planned to repatriate blacks to Africa. James Monroe tried to do the same, (Monrovia on the West Coast of Africa is named after him).
      Both felt we whites & blacks could not live together as we are too different. Many believe Lincoln paid with his life for this plan.

      If black people are so wonderful & successful, show me JUST ONE city they have built in the US, or one city where they have become the majority race that is now a better place to live, Newark, Philadelphia, Detroit, Gary, IN?
      Just ONE example of your success please!

      Here’s a picture of Cheronda:

    22. Tom says:

      Miss Criss you are an “Executive”(what?) your writing & spelling presents you as of low intelligence.

      Sadly, Death poet is correct on all points. Abraham Lincoln planned to repatriate blacks to Africa. James Monroe tried to do the same, (Monrovia on the West Coast of Africa is named after him).
      Both felt we whites & blacks could not live together as we are too different. Many believe Lincoln paid with his life for this plan.

      If black people are so wonderful & successful, show me JUST ONE city they have built in the US, or one city where they have become the majority race that is now a better place to live, Newark, Philadelphia, Detroit, Gary, IN?
      Just ONE example of your success please!

      • WhySoAngry says:

        Check out Tulsa, Oklahoma (1921)

      • swat68 says:

        Rosewood,FL was a thriving black community before all the blacks were slaughtered by the racist locals. The majority of the people posting here are racists with no sense or knowledge of history, especially black history. Yes, Lincoln may have “freed” the slaves but he did not provide them with any support whether financial, economic or educational; add that to fact that many laws continued to deny them the rights to own property, vote, etc. and what do you have? You have another few hundred years of mental slavery. It was only 50+ years since blacks have had to right to vote and attend “white” schools. As recently as the 60s black families were STILL being torn apart — meaning that for a black family to qualify for any welfare assistance, the husband/father could not reside in the same household. This rule did not apply to whites. By the way, federal/state statistics show that there are more whites on welfare than any other race.

      • Kara says:

        The fact that you ask a blogger to give an example of a city black people have built or one example of our success shows your ignorance and eagerness towards a racist attitude.

        Why don’t you learn a little history about black people in America. Learn about businesess, communities my ancestors built and learn about how those things were cut down or just outright taken.

        Rosewood’s even been made into a Hollywood movie to make it more entertaining for folks like you.

        My hope is replying to some of the posts or every so often when I actually encounter someone like you in real like is to get through to you. To let you know, somebody somewhere put the issue of race in between us and is using to get whatever control they can out of me and you. Can’t get a vote to go a certain way, stir up the conservative whites. Want to turn the heat up on a politician, piss off the liberal blacks. Who knows what’s really at stake. But in the meantime, blacks and whites are fighting, pointing at each other.

        You really should read some things about the history of black people in American and not what you might have learned in school because it ain’t in the those books.

        When Obama won, I couldn’t believe it. I thought I would not see this in my lifetime and I’m only 34. His speech, the inauguaration was so amazing and beautiful. I honestly was excited about being an American, really proud. I honestly thought this country was ready to get past the legacy of seperation. Some black people might call me a “sell-out” to my race because I was so ready to move on from the issue of race. But it’s become increasingly obvious during these last several months how pervasive racism (just plain hatred of black people) and ignorance (ignorance of the stereotypes you assign to a race) is. It’s sad. It makes me want to give up. Well that’s not true; it makes me scared about what I can I protect my child from, when I have children. Because I might love him or her the best I can and provide for them the best I can but I can’t protect them from the attitudes of people like yourself or DeathPoet or other bloggers on here. Or the children they might raise. I can instill self-pride and pride of their culture in them but I may not always be able to prop that pride back up when they learn how much their own country hates them such that they might be called “nappy-headed hos” just for playing basketball or that it might be implied that they should be killed at birth to reduce crime. It sucks. Becasue I most likely will have children but it sucks that I’m going to have to fight so hard to make sure that people like you or your children or grandchildren never tear their spirit down so maybe they can do something great to enrich the world or just settle down and leave a peaceful life and not have to fight words and hatred everyday.

    23. Harry Cat says:

      I heard she is a mormon. has blonde hair and blue eyes.????
      She likes McCain and owns 3 dogs.

    24. Ed says:

      She worked for Gray Davis who was State Comptroller of California in the 1990’s.
      Clearly she had political connections, it is doubtful she got to her position on brains.
      I love the boats dropping people off for parties, she’s moving on up!

    25. Ms Mai says:

      Miss Criss,

      Your spelling is ridiculous!

    26. Jake says:

      Obama is a racist because he supported the black professor and called down the white police officer without knowing the facts, thus based everything on skin color and went with black.

      • swat68 says:

        Oh PLEASE! Obama stated that the “police” acted stupidly by allowing the situation to escalate to the point that they arrested the professor. He did not specifically call out the officer since there were many officers at the incident of all races. He was correct, the situation should have never gotten out of hand the way it did, the entire incident was stupid.

        Also, as a “person of color”, we are always first assumed to be guilt and must prove our innocence. Try spending a day as a minority (any minority) before calling a minority a racist.

    27. GJ says:

      I too tried to find pictures of her and figures she is black, because no pictures are found. I don’t think we would be talking about race, if they would put her picture up just as anybody’s picture gets published if they do something wrong. When is America ever going to learn that if they were fair and square, same procedures for everybody, people would not be talking about race as much?? Not publishing pictures of black people, who commit these types of crime, sends the message that it’s only the white people who are “greedy” and “corrupt” and of course there will be racial comments.

    28. she says:

      Who cares! Did anyone get hurt? Was she stealing from anyone? Can we please go after the people who aren’t putting books in our children’s hand and running crumbling school systems or those that are not allowing us our fair share to helth care. Who cares if the woman was partying in a house that was VACANT!

      Come on people, get your priorities together!

    29. she says:

      And why is anyone assuming that she is balck? Sorry, GJ, don’t get it twisted like most americans like too…whenever the person is black their photo is plastered from here to China, but let it be a white collar crime that a caucasian has committed and their face is blurred out or you never see it!

      Get your head out of your a$$ and stop acting so stupid like you don’t know the game. AND YES! the majority of of white colar crimes are CAUCASIANS! that is a fact!

    30. she says:

      and to Death Poet, you have some serious issues and need counseling! get over it, white america has always been racists to African Americans, Indians, even your kind! And if you don’t like it here, take your a$$ back to China! we were forced here and have to deal with this shit that you don’t, but yet you complain youa re so tired of hearing about??? sorry, that’s what happens when one races is always trying to oppress another.

      so your ignorant statments of monekys can be kept to your self, b/c a sweetie, you could called the same..slanted eyed rat!

    31. she says:

      And every time you open your motuh IGNORANT POET (I didn’t realize your race produced such ignorant and illbred people), you put yourself in the same class as though blacks that are on welfare and doing nothing, right along with the whites and hispanics that are on welfare too…you are nO BETTER!

    32. Art from Miami says:


      She is just another of the dirty people.
      I wonder what kind of example she wants to be for her kids.

      It does not matter they will be GENETIC TRASH.

    33. Ed says:

      She is black, click on the link under Michael on 09-12.

      When will the Majority of the black population become contributors, versus a drain, on the USA?
      Welfare, Foodstamps, Healthcare, Crime, Lowering the standards of public schools……what is the benefit to white people having black people in their neighborhoods?

      She: the percentages of blacks on welfare in relation to their percentage of the total population shows blacks are vastly “overrepresnted” when it comes to welfare use. This is also true for violent crime, do the research & you will see. Search under black vs. white crime.

      Why is it when you get excited, your spelling gets very poor?

      Fair share of healthcare? Since when is this a right & again, blacks are vastly “overrepresented” when it comes to medicare & public health us. 13% of the population using nearly 50% of public “free” health services.

      Create your future based on your abilities, not entitlements or crying

    34. Jack Bauer says:

      Death Poet. THANK YOU for saying what 90% of americans want to say. THe other 20%, they are the ones ruining every nice neighborhoods in this great country. If you think my mathematics is wrong, dont worry, a n!@#$% would understand this comment. It is them who i want to understand this.

    35. WhySoAngry says:

      DeathPoet is an angry guy.

      Somehow I feel as though people of your own race regard you as disfunctional. Hate is insatiable, you’ll never satisfy its hunger and it’ll end up consuming you.
      Lighten up, none of us are going anywhere and you’re wasting your time and energy walking around hating people that don’t hate you…

      Also, how’d you get your hands on MLK’s confidential FBI file, who’s the mole?

    36. Mimi Ford says:

      Jack Bauer –Dont ever, in your life presume to speak for me as a white American. I am a proud white American who pays taxes, voted for John McCain, has issues with the current Healthcare bill and feels Im paying quite enough taxes. However YOU MAKE ME SICK. This is not what the America I love is about and everyone who isn’t consumed with hate and fear knows it.
      And DEATH POET–you are just as awful and embarrasing as Jack, Stevie and the rest of their ilk.
      Where are the no nonsense conservatives like my self that find this really disturbing? We need to speak out before these crazies drown us out!!

      • GuessMyRace says:

        It never ceases to amaze me at how diverse this great country of ours really is. I came across this article today and decided to read through some of the comments and experienced different points of view ranging from contemptible intellectualism (Death Poet), self-loathing submissiveness (Miguel), passionate conservatism (Mimi Ford), misguided speculation (Ed) to loathsome antipathy (Art from Miami).

        First off, regardless of race/gender, a person has to be a complete buffoon for destroying a 16+ year career over something as fleeting as a few weeks enjoyment of a multi-million dollar mansion that you don’t own. In the current economy, we’ll see what type of employment Ms. Guyton will be able to obtain when all of the publicity wanes.

        Secondly, greed, apathy and crudeness are color-blind. Recent examples are Madoff, Stanford, Pang and Ezzedine. It is a shame that this violation of trust would be perpetrated by an educated African-American woman, sparking a discourse filled with hatred and ignorance towards an entire race. Conversely, if Cheronda Guyton was Jane Q. Public (a Caucasian female), what would be written then; “just another greedy white woman taking advantage of the system”?

        Why then can we not agree that this was just an avaricious and callous act by an opportunistic, unprincipled individual who, in the end, received their just desserts?

        Regardless of Obama’s race\color, he is the current standing President of the United States of America. The policies for which he is lobbying are for all Americans regardless of race, gender, religion, color, creed or sexual orientation. While we appreciate free open discussions of policy (one of the rights that this great country was founded upon), why can we not be gracious and display mutual respect? Your point of view, regardless of how apropos and poignant, will be ineffective and pointless to the other party if wrapped in acrimonious and venomous words.

        While a percentage of each racial group may display characteristics that could be referred to as “ghetto”, this is not indicative of the entire race. Making generalized statements or stereotyping, using hateful words and statements, debases the remaining portion. Some Caucasians display racist behavior but many do not. Some Black people behave in a “ghetto” manner but many do not. While it can never be used as an excuse, it is well known that there are socio-economic obstacles that hamper education and prosperity in both corporeal and ethereal areas. It is absurd to expect the majority to coddle the minority but, at the same time, it is amoral to be apathetic to those who need assistance.

        Somewhere, there is common ground. Make a concerted effort to view the issue from all sides before passing judgment.

    37. mslatte says:

      I cannot believe all of this disgusting, pathetic, ignorant, hate filled, small minded, wrong headed, vitriolic, racist DRIVEL Im reading!I knew conservatives were not going to appreciate a black man being elected president, but boy did I underestimate how sickening it would become and how fast. The mask was ripped off and it revealed DAVID DUKE beneath complete with KKK hood!
      And if you think this doesnt have anything to do with Cheronda Guyton, think again. She’s just your average greedy corporate type who go caught with her hand in the cookie jar. However, all those birthers, deathers, teabaggers and palinites saw a very CONVENIENT conduit to vent some more race hatred.
      The problem for them is, they know they are fighting against the tide of history. The time of separate entrances for blacks and Jim Crow is fading into oblivion and they are Pissed! Pretty soon their brand of idiocy will be a mere historical curiosity. But for now we have the listen to the last angry, dying gasps of racists who are running out of time. So long Death Poet, later Stevie, bye bye Bauer. You are fast becoming irrelevant. Thank God

    38. Ed says:

      mslatte: How about addressing the issues at my 2:04 PM post, you are getting very excited, but can you answer any of my questions directly.



    39. Ed says:

      mslatte: can you answer, directly, any of my points from my 2:04 PM post?

      Would love to hear from you.

    40. Robert says:

      An open note to everyone. Lighten up. What possible business is it of yours that Cheronda Guyton is occasionally using an asset for which she has responsibility? What possible connection to skin color is this report? Cheronda is reported to be a senior Wells Fargo officer and Wells Fargo has title to the asset; the value of the asset is the same as before she used it, perhaps enhanced by the use publicity. For her use of this asset, she is responsible to bank policy for such matters and that is all. If it is true that she has been terminated, then the matter is settled. To the rest of you with hateful and racial comments, have you recognized that you are still stuck with being you?

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