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Kesha Ni Cole Nichols Pictures

Check out Keisha Ni Cole Nichols photos and pictures here but basically the idea is that this girl is getting all the buzz on the internet because of her love interest with NBA star Richard Jefferson. I just heard that this pig of a NBA player got cold feet and stood up his stunning fiance.

In fact many of the NBA star’s friends also did not know till the last minute that the star had abdicated. Poor Keisha Ni Cole Nichols was left hanging when it came time to exchange the vows.

Jefferson had spent about $2 million to prepare for the wedding in the Manhattan venue.

Kesha Ni’Cole Nichols was left surprised when Kesha realized that her fiance was running away from her. Kesha was trying to get married but the fella decided not to marry her at the last minute, leaving some surprised guests still showing up for the ceremony.

MORE PHOTOS? Click Here To  >> See the Agony of Kesha NiCole Nichols

Check out some cool pictures, photos, videos of the bride to be Keisha Ni Cole Nichols.

MORE PHOTOS? Click Here To  >> See the Agony of Kesha NiCole Nichols

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    1. buddy19022 says:

      Jefferson should be commended for ending it before he got married. Why go into a marriage when your heart is not into it. No man or woman has the right to judge. That is left for God

    2. Charis Yantz says:

      Provost Dr. Tom Burish stated in the release that “While Notre Dame would have preferred to maintain its independence, the financial realities of the world of college football made the decision a necessity.” He also said that “The longstanding tradition of the schools in the Big 10 conference best fit that of the Irish program”, according to reports.


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