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Chilly Jilly Wraps

Scarves look great on women and if you ask a few of my friends, they will attest to the fact that they have a huge collection built over the years! The scarves add a streak of color and spice up the wardrobe. The scarves just by themselves turn a plain jane into something more chic.

So recently I was thrilled to know about a new scarf/wrap/sarong which goes by the name of Chilly Jilly. Not only are these Chilly Jillys elegant to look at but also provide a great utility.

They are lightweight just like feather and are so small & satin like that you can keep them in your purse when not using them. Or keep them in the tote for future use when you are outside.

Chilly Jilly

Lets say you are in somebody’s house and then go to a club and then for dinner and then on Broadway, in either of these locations depending on your mood you can pull it out from your purse or prefer to let it stay in. The icing on the top is that they remain wrinkle-free!


The Chilly Jilly Wraps are made from a special blend of polyester and elastine.

The fabric feels like goose gander. It has the right weight.  It is perfect, just enough to take the chill off. Chilly Jilly made the wraps so they can fold up nicely in these small pouches and one can carry a wrap in her purse.

To Buy:

You can get a Chilly Jilly for $30+.

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