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Watch Michael Jackson Memorial Online

Today is Michael Jackson Memorial at Staples center and if you were among the few lucky ones to get the ticket, you can watch it live from inside the Staples center in downtown Los Angele, California.

If you were little lucky and not so lucky, then you could watch it live with other fans from the Nokia screen nearby.

But if you were wanting to see it live and were not so lucky in terms of tickets, then your next best recourse is it watch Michael Jackson memorial service, Funeral service, and star studded tribute from the comforts of your home.

Here as well you have couple of options available – Television and Internet.

You can either watch it from your television set and in case no television is handy, you can plug into your computer and watch the Michael Jackson memorial cum funeral ceremony through a webcast.

I am going to try my best to facilitate this but I have a regular 9 to 5 job to take care of but if I get the opurtunity, I will definitely try to make it easy for those folks who want to watch the Michael Jackson memorial service and funeral rites online through a webcast.

Book mark my page and you can watch the webcast from here.

    5 Responses to “Watch Michael Jackson Memorial Online”

    1. D. M. Johnson says:

      The world will never be the same without, you, Michael Jackson. Thank you for the joy you have given us with your music, dance, and videos. You have left your mark on the globe and you will never be forgotten.

    2. christopher jones says:

      so much to say about this giant of a man and soul of a child,
      May fair winds take your sails and direct you to the only place you should go MICHEAL
      Profound sadness and heart felt loss of a brother like figure :))
      See you when i get there!!

    3. joel says:

      michael i will never forget you i’m so so sorry u had to leave us so soon i pray that u got your business straight with the maker.If u did oneday i’ll see u again i lift your family up that GOD will take them threw as well as your children. i love u always and forever.


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