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Sahel Kazemi Photos

I have posted Sahel Kazemi Photos from Myspace, Facebook, even some friends of Sahel Kazemi and Steve McNair have emailed me their photos so I am putting them here.

If you would like to read what other Americans are saying about Sahel Kazemi, or what Sahel’s collegues and his families are saying about this whole incident, check out the discussion below on this page

Sahel Kazmi Profiled

Sahel Kazmi Myspace

I have been hearing conflicting news about this young girl Sahel Kazmi. Basically her aunt raised her and apparently she had no strong family member at home to guide her and provide moral support.

Mechelle McNair

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    1. peace-maker says:

      huh Mechelle girl I feel ur pain,sweet kid. Jus be strong for your kids & hold your head up high, remember God loves his children

    2. I like that I don’t have to pay for a subscription like wow

    3. Hey please do the morally right thing and use your site to spread the truth about 9/11

    4. The Bank of Japan wrapped up a two-day policy meeting by increasing its asset-purchasing fund to 55 trillion yen


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