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Robert McNamara Death

Robert McNamara death is being reported in the news all over. Robert McNamara was one of the most important personalities of modern American History and will not be forgotten any time soon. Mr McNamara will definitely be remembered, studied, praised, criticized…anything but just simple fade away from American psyche.

And for good reasons too.

Robert McNamara’s legacy to the American people and this great nation is that he was the architect of Vietnam war. Call it what but even the critics and supporters of the war will agree that it was a momentous albiet tumultuous time in American History.

Robert McNamara Bio Wiki

Robert Strange McNamara died today early in the morning. He was 93 years old. Family members did not release the details of cause of death but given his age we can comfortably say he went out peacefully. Robert Strange McNamara died at his home in Northwest Washington.

Before Mr McNamara took oath as secretary of defense in 1961, he had an illustrious career with corporate America and was its top titan. Mr McNamara was the president of Ford Motor Co.

For 13 years after he left the Pentagon in 1968, Mr McNamara served as the president of the World Bank. He was a brilliant student, a compulsive worker and a skillful planner and organizer, whose manifest talents carried him from modest circumstances in California to the highest levels of the Washington power structure.

He was said to have built a record of achievement and dedication in business, government and public service that few of his generation could match.

But all said and done, Mr Robert Strange McNamara will be remembered and judged by his record on Vietnam war. Even after so many years the emotions run quite high on this one.

Robert McNamara Funeral

Details have not yet been released by the family yet. Once the funeral details of Mr McNamara are released I will update this page. In case you happen to be in the loop about this, please post your info in the discussion form below and I will update the article with the same.

Leave your respects for this American Patriot below.

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