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Longest Wimbledon Final

Is it the Longest Wimbledon Final? I would think so and thats how it feels. A nail biter! I am currently watching the match and American tennis player Andy Roddick just took the first set over Roger Federer in their Wimbledon final. What a game it was! Truly enthralling.

Roddick won the set 7-5 in a match worthy of sweat and toil of years. In case Roger Federer wins this final Wimbledon match, he will become the first man to win 15 major Grand Slam titles. Nobody has achieved this feat ever before.

American Andy Roddick won the toss and decided he is going to serve first. In case you did not know this, a serve in tennis is half the battle already won. Andy took the first point of the game by serving the tennis ball at 135 mile-an-hour ace.

Finally it was Roger’s turn to serve and the score stood at 5-5. Federer eventually won another point and his score went up to 30-love and the crowd began to get jittery.

Roddick banged a serve into Federer’s body to win one point and then cranked another one that the opponent could only mis-hit out of the court to even it. More on your television set ladies and gentleman.

Longest Wimbledon Final Trivia

1982 was the year when the longest timed Wimbledon singles final match was played for 4 hours 16 minutes (54 games). Phew! I am not sure who played this game. If you have some idea about it, use the form below to let me and others know. Thank you!

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