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Steve McNair Dead

Just heard it over the radio that Steve McNair is dead. What is it? The celebrity smack down season? First Farah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays, Michael Jackson, and now Steve McNair’s Dead!

I just heard over the radio that according to WTVF-TV in Nashville, former Pro Bowl quarterback Steve McNair has died. Steve McNair was in fact shot dead according to preliminary reports.

Police Officers at the scene are saying that McNair suffered a fatal gunshot wound in downtown Nashville on Saturday. The TV station reported police said it looked like a double death case because a female victim was also found dead.

Steve McNair – Bio Wiki Stats

Steve McNair played for the Houston Oilers, Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens. He was also selected to the Pro Bowl three times. Steve was the NFL MVP in 2003. A very accomplished athelete who died an untimely death.

Steve McNair Wife

There was a female victim and police have confirmed that it’s not Steve McNair’s wife. I am not even sure if Steve McNair was even married. If you know more on this, please add below so I can update the article.

Steve McNair Funeral

So far its too early to comment on the Funeral dates but I am keeping tabs on the story and as and when the family schedules it, I will update the page.

If you are a fan, leave your condolence message below.

    15 Responses to “Steve McNair Dead”

    1. Debbie says:

      If Steve McNair would have been home with his wife and 4 boys, they had been married 12 years, his only marriage. She was a waitress that he met at a restaraunt him and his wife frequented. She was 20. They said that she was co-owner of a cadillac-escalade that she was driving a few nights before with him as a passenger, she was arrested for drunk driving, he was sent home in a taxi. Maybe this didn’t make the news, or it did, and the “kept” woman was discovered by Mrs. McNair, and he told the young lady he was leaving her so that he wouldn’t break up his family. If it indeed turns out that she shot him and then herself, then like I said in the beginning, if he would have been home with his wife and his 4 boys, he would be alive and well today. Why is it so many wives support these men through their careers and having a family life while they are gone and on the road, and then they no longer want to make it work, or they want there mistress and their “family.” He had just retired and was needing something costructive to do and this wasn’t the answer, it got him killed. Who knows, maybe it will turn out the wife did it.

      • JaniaJ says:

        You are way too judgemental not to mention now I am sure you have all of the facts you need, but to judge. You don’t know what teve or that girl’s situation was.

      • kelly says:

        shut up no body deserves to die this way may b he should have been home but oh well he was not!!!! his wife and kids will have a hard enough time going thourgh life without him. who are you to pass judgment wont may b you should have been the 3rd party so you wouldnt b here passing judgment

      • pastor t says:

        We sould never wish/suggest a person got what they deserve. What if u and I were punished. 4 every. Sin committed known and unknow in like manner? While I believe marrage is honorable -as men we should hld true 2 our vows….only God knows what happen and he’s not talking. Therefore we should Pray & leave the judging up2 God. All hav sinned and come short.throw away your stones!

    2. Blue from MS says:

      Steve’s wife is gorgeous and model slim. There’s a wedding photo posted . Goes to show you that men cheat for other reasons than beauty… sometimes, it’s simply because they can… This is a veryy sad moment that should be a wake up call to everyone.

      It’s also sad that the commentary here indicates wild eyed ignorance prejudice ha.tred and supposition reign. I hope that Steve’s wife will be able to recover and raise her sons to love women the right way and to forgive and love their father although he’s gone. both men and women should wake up!!! Sad, but I know that this isn’t a once in a blue moon occurrence. It’s just that money enhances things. Poor men cheat but can’t buy cars and vacations.

      Older women get played but tend to have some common sense too. We should all learn from this and Remember, but for the grace of God there lay you and me. The choices that you make dictate the life that you lead and the legacy that you leave…

    3. CB from Baltimore says:

      He got what he deserved. Good riddance. Now maybe his wife can find someone she deserves.

    4. cynthia says:

      To the CB from BALTIMORE.I wouldn,t say he deserve to died because we all have done some wrong in our life,wishing death on someone is very harsh.That’s something you can’t take back,remember this is somebody child,husband,& father regardless of what he done.what man now of days haven’t cheated that don’t mean they deserved to died even the women of today are the same way.i hate it for both family’s.An regardless of what i know his wife hate that this happen cause i’m sure she loved her husband even if he did cheat we learn to forgive in move forward.MARRIED PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THAT.

    5. Barbara says:

      it`s very sad that steve had to go out like that. even though i don`t agree what he has done. I do feel sadden for his wife and kids nobody deserve to die like that come on now in his sleep. God judges the just and the unjust not us.too the Family keep your heads up and may god bless you and keep you.

    6. Sallys says:

      I am disappointed that his wife went to the funeral; he “dissed” her in front of the whole world by his actions……as long as women put up with this kind of sh*t, it will continue !!!!!

      • Katchme says:

        His wife is a dignified woman, and that’s what dignified people do, support their family regardless of the situation. What happened to Steve should not change her demeanor. I’m sure she loved her husband, I’m sure she knew that he was having an affair, but she didn’t know with whom. I’m sure she is truly struggling with it all, but through it all, God will have the last say so.

        May Steve RIP and God Bless his entire family!

    7. Michael says:

      I would like to say that Mrs. McNair is a CLASS ACT and God will continue to bless her and her sons. For Mrs. McNair, to attend the funeral, show that she is a God fearing woman and is very strong. I believe, if we can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all. May God continue to bless the McNair Family and lift them up pray.

    8. lorraine says:

      We can choose our actions but we cannot choose the consequences of those actions. Steve McNair chose his actions and the consequences followed. The real tragedy is what this has done to his wife and children.

    9. erica kay says:

      okay, so umm i know i’m young but i am part of today’s generation — yet i don’t follow most of the teenagers. i’m almost 19 && my whole outlook/opinion on this situation is exactly what i was taught whenever i was growing up .. don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want to the whole world to know. and well i don’t know him or the girl but he honestly got himself in this situation. however, no one deserves for his/her life to be taken. on her part, i don’t know what she was going through but she handled it wrong.. and on his part, he was married and he had kids && that’s exactly where he should’ve been… so mcnair decided to make some poor decisions and well it all caught up with him. but honestly all we can do for him, his family, the girl, and her family is pray. this ended on very bad terms. just have faith & pray, we’ll all make it through these tough times. God bless.

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