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Jungle Malady Leishmaniasis

With little fanfare, three American hostages rescued from leftist guerillas in Colombia returned safely to the United States, more than five years after their plane went down in rebel-held jungle.

You must have already heard the rudimentary details about background of this event. Just to recap, 3 american contractors working for Northrop Grumman and deployed against the rebels and drug cartels in Columbia fell into the hands of their captors after the plane they were flying in crashed.

They were captive fro more than 5 years and had often been showed in the videos released by the FARC group who had considered these as political prisoners and had wanted to swap them for scores of their own being held in Columbian govt prisons.

In a daring rescue, following more of Sun Tzu’s deception style strategy rather than the cowbow type smoke ’em out thinking, full of intelligence and stealth, the rebels handed over the captives to the undercover govt soldiers thinking its their own men and the captives are being transferred to another rebel location.

Along with three Americans, a columbian potential presidential runner who had been held captive for more than 6 years was also rescued.

On the kind of different issues being faced capitives, it has been reported in the media that few of them were suffering from jungle malady leishmaniasis and “looking forward to modern medical treatment.”

Stokholm Syndrome is another one but we’ll have to wait and watch on this one.

An interesting trivia: Leishmaniasis is present in Iraq and was contracted by a number of the troops involved in the 2003 invasion of that country. The soldiers nicknamed the disease the Baghdad boil. It has been reported by Agence France-Presse that more than 650 U.S. soldiers may have experienced the disease between the start of the invasion in March 2003 and late 2004.

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