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Diprivan Did Michael Jackson In

Michael Jackson’s nutritionist is now coming out and saying that the King of Pop desperately sought a sedative called Diprivan.

Nurse/Nutritionist Cherilyn Lee has had the fortune of treating Michael Jackson as a patient tells the media that during the final days Whacko Jacko was adamant about receiving a powerful intravenous sedative called Diprivan or Propofol.

But not only this, the story gets even more interesting here. Just three or four days before Michael Jackson passed away, one of Michael Jackson’s assistant placed a desperate call to Lee, telling the nurse that Jackson was extremely ill.

‘One side of my body is hot, it’s hot, and one side of my body is cold,’ ” Lee overheard Jackson saying in the background.

An O.D of the sedative like Diprivan can force a person to stop breathing, which can lead up to the deadly buildup of carbon dioxide in the body. This build of CO2 can lead to erratic heartbeat and cardiac arrest.

Michael Jackson did not go to the hospital on June 21st when Lee was called, however he was rushed to UCLA Medical Center on June 25th after falling unconscious in his Los Angeles home and not responding to CPR.

By now you all now what happened on that fateful day. More to come in the following days and I can bet this story is here to stay for some more days.

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    1. kaine says:

      Michael Jackson died from diprivan, the diprivan drug can induce hypnosis within 40 seconds from the start of injection, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. Those close to Michael Jackson now claim that drug diprivan may have been somewhat related to myriad conditions leading to the singer’s untimely death last week.

      Specifically, diprivan (also known as propofol) is a powerful agent that can induce hypnosis and a general state of unconsciousness within 40 seconds of being consumed.
      Jackson’s nutritionist, Cherilyn Lee, reportedly said Jackson had tried to get her to prescribe the medication for him but she refused. Several days ago, she claims she received a troubling call from Jackson which lead her to believe he may have somehow obtained diprivin.

      More questions about Michael Jackson’s medications arose Tuesday when a nurse came forward to say that Jackson had asked her in April for a power sedative.

      Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse who operates a Los Angeles-based nutritional counseling business, told CNN that Jackson was complaining of insomnia and pleaded for her to get him some Diprivan (propofol), a drug usually used to start or maintain anesthesia during surgeries.

      Lee said she told Jackson “the medication is not safe.”

      Four days before Jackson’s death, Lee said, a Jackson staffer called and said the pop star was complaining that one side of his body was hot and the other side was cold .

      “You need to go to hospital,” she told the staffer, with Jackson apparently in earshot.
      An injection of Diprivan can induce hypnosis within 40 seconds from the start of injection, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

      The drug’s product label says that propofol should only be administered by people “trained in the administration of general anesthesia.” Sedated patients should be continuously monitored, the product label says, and equipment to provide artificial ventilation, administration of oxygen and instituting CPR “must be immediately available.”

      The product label warns that use of propofol for sedating adult and pediatric intensive care unit patients has been associated with organ system failures that have resulted in death.

    2. jocelyn says:

      Every time this nurse tells this story its different, indicates she is lying.

    3. michelle says:

      I agree with Jocelyn. This women came out of the woodwork telling CNN about this diprovan indecent with Jackson at least one week before it was reported that they found it in his house. She seems like she knows more than what she is telling us. I also understand she is NOT being questioned by authorities which blows my mind!

    4. howard says:

      i think mrs. lee no something more maybe she was working with dr murray , because when mj staffer call then she should have call to get help. money talk b.s. walks. and for dr. murray you should have say no and you also should have a chart on all of the med he was taking i think its all about the money. dr. murray you no what time you inject mj with the meds and you know if you leave someone for a second what the out come is,should could would, you should have help get him to the hospital in time when they call and side one side of the body is cold.i know you can’t live with yourself now,all of the dr that help kill mj
      you shell make dr and nurse look bad. rest my brother my heart is with you we will fine out the truth rest now mj.

    5. Dana says:

      We will miss Michael Jackson. Love you so much.

    6. John says:

      Just to set the record straight, Cherilyn Lee is more than
      an RN; she’s a nurse practitioner with an NP license in California.

      She also includes the initials P.A. after her name on her
      website, but the License Verification link at the California Board of Medical Examiners does NOT show her as
      having a physician assistant license, now or ever.

      I have asked the Medical Board to look into whether she is
      improperly implying to the public that she is a PA.
      Additionally, she got a distance-learning PhD in some kind
      of naturopathic medicine. An interesting person, certainly.

    7. Charl says:

      have you been watching the whole etinre trial, I HAVE, you would know what i mean. the real story of yesterday was that she testifies that she would monitor MJ sleep, and never left his side. and michael told her he wants a doctor to do this at his house because if the doctor monitors all night nothing will happen, well murray didn’t he left for 40 mins and waiter 30 mins to call 911 thats the real story not this BS , anywell its not like it matters, the jury wont b seeing this


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