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Seattle Bank Robbers Show How Not To Rob A Bank

A made for media bank robbery today in Seattle. Made for media because it had lots of action, a get up, drama, loot, chase, use of deadly force and the media swarming all over afterwards. Plus no good guys were hurt.

Seattle denizens mundane routine got distrupted when a Well Fargo’s bank in Seattle downtown was visited by patrons, wearing black baggy dresses with boot polish smeared on their faces, who wanted to draw money but had a small problem. They had no account with the bank.

One guy was in the getaway SUV, a jeep Cherokee, while the other paid a visit inside, Pulling his shotgun out, he ordered everyone on the ground, jumped over the teller side, stuffed his bag with the monies and made away.

No sooner had these guys started, they had company. Besides a lot of flashers with sires wailing, even the unmarked undercover Seattle PD cars were in hot pursuit.

Few blocks down in the downtown, one of the robbers jumped out and started to escape on foot but was apprehended.

The other still continued to floor the pedal but soon hit a dead end when he was blocked by the PD cars.Since he was armed and appeared threatening, the police response was deadly. This resulted in the felon being shot critically in the neck.

Both the robbers are now in custody and would be soon arraigned and booked. Since a bank was involved, it makes it a federal offense with FBI getting to do the paper work on these guys.

All this happened in downtown during office hours so you can imagine the situation there. According to some reports during the peak of shooting, office workers were glued to the office windows, (the most dangerous place!), trying to sneak a peek at the whole incident real time.

Catch more on this from the Seattle blog here.

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