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July 4th Treats

July 4th preparations have already started in full swing and one tip that I have been getting constantly is, there is going to be free food. Lots and lots of it everywhere. (My initial response to that was, you mean in the restaurants?)

Apparently, on the day America got its freedom, they want food to be the last of your worries. Uncle Sam wants you to be well fed and contended.

I came across this link which shares good tips about grand star spangled delicacies like Sundaes, Truffles, and mouth watering desserts that you might want to check out:

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    1. Mohamd says:

      to render to Caesar, and to obey the goeninrvg authority because God has put it in place. But I don’t see it saying anywhere that I have to push my understanding of what the right goeninrvg authority is. Personally, I’d like to see a biblical monarchy, where the king willingly submits to Christ because he is a Christian and that’s why he governs the way he governs, because he puts his whole life under Christ and that includes the way he runs his government. But that’s just my romanticism coming out.


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