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Suzanne Tracht

Suzanne Tracht is among the extinct group of All American Hall of Fame female cooks who have achieved the top honors ever possible, that of a dream of owning their own restaurant.

With Jar, her modern chophouse in the middle of the city of Angels, ala Los Angeles, and Tracht’s in one of the most popular beach cities of the world, Long Beach, Tracht razzles and sizzles Angelenos with the magnetic force of her nutricious and aromatic familiar retro dishes from the American culinary repertoire.

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Her modern perspective of healthy and green dishes like Pork Belly and Chocolate Pudding prove that good tasting dishes can also be unpretentious. “I love feeding people. We want guests to feel like they are in the ultimate living room, where they can have their favorite foods without pretence. I’ve always wanted to create a restaurant space where there’s a sense of community and neighborhood,” says Tracht.

The loyal patrons and friendliness among Suzanne Tracht’s visitors are a divine fulfillment of her dream.

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