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Rebeccah Beushausen

Rebeccah Beushausen spun a yarn for two months about being an unmarried mother who chose to carry her child who is now terminally ill to term rather than have an abortion because of her deep Christian faith.

She did all this on her blog that got instant attention from the deep christian followers who liked the idea and stood by her.

Rebeccah Beushausen posted her story on a blog that got nearly a million hits until one of her followers exposed the lie last week.

Now of course Rebeccah Beushausen, who lives in suburban Chicago is apologizing for the hoax. Beushausen posted a lengthy apology on her blog Sunday, saying she had lost pregnancies in the past.

Rebeccah Beushausen said her baby was diagnosed with Trisomy 13 syndrome, a chromosomal defect that can cause severe mental retardation and death.

How did Rebeccah Beushausen thought she could make money off this? By posting a link for donation on her site. Ffollowers promised to not only pray for her and her baby, April Rose, but even send letters and gifts to a post office box that she had listed online.

The hoax came out early so not many people could have posted her gifts and money. Could Rebeccah Beushausen have made money through advertisment? Not much depending on how much you consider much. The news report say she logged about a million hits – 1000,000. Since I run a blog and I know how the calculations go, let me give this a shot. An advertiser would pay an eCPM of something in the range of 0.25 cents from the worst to about an eCPM of 7 dollars. So to get an actual value take 1000 (from the million hits she got)  and multiply it by the eCPM. Thats the money she could have made off these hits. So the total would range from $250 to $7000 dollars off fake baby hoax story.

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