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Duggar Family Grandchild

The Duggar Family reality show has again proved that they are a mighty show when it comes to reality viewing for kids. The family is part of the hit reality series called 18 and counting and now they have a newly announced grandchild on the way.

In fact, I just heard on the grapevine that one of the stars of the show – Josh Duggar, 21, and his wife Anna, have publicly announced that the grandchild baby would be a girl. Way to go guys!

I think that somebody needs to explain is why America has this profound fascination for large families. Especially during a time when an average size of an American family has shrunk to like 3 or maybe 4.

In fact I did some research and found out that according to the official U.S. census numbers, in 2003, only ten percent of families in the nation had more than five members, down from 21 percent in 1970.

So the average size of an American family is indeed coming down.

Duggar Family Grandchild

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