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How To Beat Astro Knights Island

A lot of fans want to know about this. The question that is buzzing everywhere is that, how do you beat astro knights island after you get the paper from under mordreds bed.

The most popular answer rated by experts is that you have to go to the Reign of Jarko and it will blind the Serbees.

What has your experience been regarding this? Do you agree with the answer or you have a better technique? If yes, post it below.

Beat Astro Knights Island Walkthrough

    97 Responses to “How To Beat Astro Knights Island”

    1. M@RO says:

      what do you do after enterring the space thing in the swamp?

    2. emma says:

      ugh!!! i cnt do the thing at the mill!!!!! plez sum1 tell me how 2 get the things unstuyck!!!!!!!! i need details on how!!!!! thanks soooooooo much

      • mandy says:

        i can help you with the mill but i dont feel like i will tell you some ctrl+shift+r at the same time and your charicter will be the same thing exept an s at the end to change your skin the same thing exept an h to change your hair color.the h one might not work on some computers.i know know a cheat that will make you have all the islands beat and have extra stuff.but it is to much to type in and it only works on some computers i might tell you in the future though. :) hope i helped.

    3. emma says:

      ok got that part in space how do i getz past sharks?????????????????

      • frghjkl says:

        to get oast the space sharks lure them into the black hole
        get close to them
        (not 2 close or theyll bite u)
        and theyll start flollowing u
        dont go to fast or theyll stop following u
        then fly straight 4 a bit and ull find the black hole
        repeat with all three sharks

    4. WATEVA says:

      NEED HELP!!!!

      • tmama says:

        2.It opens a huge palace where you find the princess. After giving her the three weapons. You find out that it is not the princess, it is Binary Bard in disguise. After solving the door puzzle, it is revealed that he is actually Mordred.

        The fastest way to solve the puzzle is:

        Row 2, card 2
        Row 2, card 1
        Row 2, card 4
        Row 2, card 3
        Row 3, card 2
        Row 3, card 3
        Row 4, card 1
        Row 4, card 2
        Row 4, card 3
        Row 4, card 4

    5. Luv Bunnies E*:XB E8XB says:

      How do u make the UFOs fly?

      • frghjkl says:

        theres this one ufo out in the swamp
        to get to the ufo
        u have to use the levatator thingy u find on top of the windmill
        to power the levatator get a bag of manure
        from the freckled boy
        if uve done all that
        make sure uve got the mechanical owl and mouse
        in the castle on the right hand side theres a library
        if u click on the sign that says McM
        or something like that itll open up a passage way
        in there is some moldy cheese
        grab it and then throw the lever/switch next to the cage with the robot in it
        go into the princess room and use the cheese
        the mechanical mouse will become urs
        if uvetalked to the lady inside the windmill near the top
        shell give u the symbol sheet
        use that to get into the secret hideout thru the fountain
        a boy there will have a key that he doesnt know what it goes to
        in between the 2 bundles of hay (near the manure guy)
        is a porthole
        use the key to enter
        down there is a owl and a sheet of paper to the left
        feed the owl the mouse
        then go to the left of the room
        ull b able to see another passageway to ur left
        push against the left wall till it gives way
        ull come out in the robots cage and itll self destruct, leaving behind a green liwuid in a tube
        if u click on the owl
        a little blue cross will show up
        click near the tube
        and the owl will fly to where u click
        and bring the tube back to u
        then go out on the swamp to excalibur
        (the ufo)
        using the levatator thingy
        and when u click on the ufo a dashboard will come up with a broken green tube
        replace it with the new tube
        and then voila!
        ur ready 2 launch

    6. not happen says:

      what how to trade the poo for the thing

    7. memerlina says:

      how do you do the part after you open the windmill and you go down to the hay bails what do you open the door under the hay bails???

    8. Natasha says:

      You have to stand on the things that move the windmill, keep on doing that till you see the thing at the top open!!

    9. breanna says:

      OMG!! The fire planet and jungle planet are IMPOSSIBLE! On jungle planet i tried a million times to get past that bird thing, but i cant beat it! OMG!

    10. hfslkj says:


      • ******* says:

        On the second row hit the third one, the last one, the first one, and the second one in that order. Then on the third row hit the second one and the third one. On the fourth row hit the last one, the third one, the second one, then the first one.

    11. shelby says:

      actually i consider the jungle planet the easiest. right now i’m on the fire planet and IT is HARD! but anyway how to solve the jungle: climb up the vine in the room with the knight and then run across the eggs when they are ALL closed. this has to be timed right! once u get past that go to the cage and open it. now ur riding the unicorn. use the gun to kill the bees, and just dodge the lightning and the smaller pheonixes. when the giant pheonix comes, hold down the mouse to load the gun, and then shoot the pheonix BEFORE she releases the missels. then after she glows and retreats, she’ll come around BEHIND you, so dodge her. keep holding down the mouse and shooting her and making her retreat. you have to do this 3 or 4 times to kill her but its not that hard. good luck!

    12. shelby says:

      how to get rid of the sharks: lure them to the black hole, but don’t get sucked in! fly around the edge, and they should go in. sometimes you can lure 2 of them at one time into the black hole. the coordinates for the black hole, btw, are around X-83 Y-53. good luck

    13. shelby says:

      to open the puzzle on the asteroid is like impossible unless u find a video to look at that shows step by step otherwise its really hard. just to tell everyone.

    14. Julie says:

      p.s. to get rid of the sharks lure them into the black hole. but don’t get sucked in. stay on the edge and then they’ll go in. i think the coordinates for the black hole is like X-85 Y-53 sumthin like that

    15. Erin says:

      When you get to the ufo in the mud how do you make it fly? I think it has something to do with the cordinates that the knights left the Queen.

      • Lucia says:

        you get a alien tube thing and put it in the leaky part. then type in cordinates 65,55 or sumthin. maybe the other way around

      • Dangerous Tooth says:

        The coordiates are 62, 65

      • mandy says:

        it does have somthing to do with coridnants but it is 52 for y and 54 for x. to make it go you have to have the key to morderds cave.when you do go into the library in the castle.there is a loose brick behind a it.stairs will apear.go down them and get the moldy cheese and click the switch witch is by the gage near the robot.once you did those two things go in morderds cave.witch is under the hay there is a cage in the very back behind a wall witch you have to push on.enter the cage.there will be a robot and it will self destruct.then there will be a green tube.don’t try to go over and get it.go to the castle.go in to the ladys the cheese down and the mouse will get it.and you will get the mouse.go back to morderds cave and set the bird free by clicking it.once it is outside go up with it and set the mouse free.the bird will eat it and the bird will become your friend.then go into morderds cave and back where the robot blew up.the bird will follow the bird then click the green tube that is on the other side of the cage.the bird will fly over and get it.then go to the flying saucer in the mud and enter the cordanants and put in the green tube.then you fly up to pewter moon.i am sorry i can’t type the rest but maybe somone else can help you.i have already beaten astro nights but my fingers are tired and i still have to do home work!hope i helped.:)

    16. Jj says:

      Where do you find the missing page in the diary?

    17. Erin says:

      TO FIND THE MISSING PAGE IN THE DIARY you go to the fountain and there will be a coin in there. After you get that go into the musium and use the coin for addmition. Go up to Mordred’s bed and click under it. If you person says “I see no reason to go looking under there” or something like that, then you need to go to place with the windmill and go up on the ladder in the mud to get the rope. Then go to the castle and keep climbing till you see a guy standing by a arrow. Go next to the arrow and click on your rope to use it. Then aim the arrow at the princess’s room and the arrow will get stuck in the door. climb across the rope and enter the princess’s room. Go all the way into her room until you find a tresure chest. go infront of it and you will get the princess’s note. Then you should be able to go back to the musium and click under mordred’s bed. if you have any other questions I’ll be happy to assist you. :) Erin

    18. lola says:

      how do you get to the space sharks and beat them without being chomped also how do you go really fast is that the engines job or do you just go that fast and that is it

    19. Grace says:

      I was just wondering how to defeat the helicopter on the ice planet… that is the only planet that I need to get past. :)

      • mandy says:

        to beat the helicopter allyou have to do is use your force feald and bounce the snow balls back at him.but you cant bounce back the ice cristals or the huge snow ball he he will throw at you when you hit him witch by the way you have to dodge by ducking.hit him three times and you win!

    20. Grace says:


      • frghjkl says:

        use ur force shield
        the snowballs will bounce off ur shield
        aim them at the helicopter
        u cant make the slush bullets or the icicle/spikey stuff bouce off tho
        u just hav to dodge that

    21. Bob says:

      Umm how did you get the coin????

    22. Maumita says:

      Ice Planet- The force field thingy also serves as a bounce-backer. Once he throws snowballs at you, let the sheild hit the snowball, causing it to go up, and hit the helicopter. Do this three times. It wont work with the ice daggers or if the snowball hits something else. It has to be the helicopter.

      Fire Planet- You get past the last lava rock when your at the top. Make a huge jump once you see the top of the volcano. When you get in, jump in the small spaces they give you to avoid the winds. Becareful, the winds are timed, so you have to go fast. Lastly, you fight the fire dragon by going across the dragon by chains on the ceiling. becareful or the rocks falling and his fireballs. Also don’t touch the dragon. You’ll only get hurt. Go to the back of the dragon, then get bast his big spiky ball by running when the ball bounces up. Click in lever, then this part is timed. The will be a knight before you go in, and he will give you an ice arrow. Whn you click the lever, the dragon sleeps and opens his mouth. You shoot the arrow in there. Be quick, or the lever will turn back up. Do this three times without getting over body heat.

      Jungle Planet- Jump on the pheonix bird eggs, but watch the timing. Then, you’ll save a unicorn, which will fly you. Use the laser thingy to shoot the bees and avoid the lightning. Then, before the pheonix comes, hold your mouse on the laser thingy, then when the pheonix does come, let your mouse go. This will make the bird retreat, then you do this at least 3 times, without being shoot by the missles.

      Astriod Dimension- I got in, but I can’t figure out the puzzle thingy! help!!

      hope it helps.

    23. Kayla says:

      To do the slides on fire planet, jump on the slides when they go down and stop. On the last one jump while your slide and that slide is going down. When they stop its too late. Dont jump when it is going up. It doesnt make sence but its how to pass them. :) Enjoy!!! 😀

    24. Kayla says:

      To get past the sharks lead the sharks to a black hole. Don’t go to fast or they will leave. Don’t go too slow or you will get eaten. :) Enjoy!! 😀

    25. Kayley=) says:


    26. Chuchi says:

      How do you do da puzzle?!?!?! :3

    27. Heidi says:

      im stuck on the mother pheonix part because the mother pheonix is like from behind and whatever i shot it 10 times (i counted) and it didnt go down and the sharks in the ice island theres no BlackHole even Big Nate island is soo easy and astro knights is hard!! somebody sue poptropica!

    28. Bob Hanson says:

      what are the coordinates of the astroid belt?????????

    29. CastleCat says:

      i hav been tryin the flippin puzzle and its driving me nuts does anyone know how to beat it step by step????

    30. CastleCat says:


    31. Nikki says:

      how do you get the power for the ufo thingy?

    32. toadsage says:

      how do you jump onto the final gets to high.

      • frghjkl says:

        for the lava thigny
        at the last one
        u have to wait til their both going down
        not the second they both start going down
        but soon after that

    33. Shelby says:

      does anybudy know how to do the puzzle in the different galaxy. its REALLY

    34. Shelby says:

      who can do the puzzle in the different galaxy cuz its really really hard

    35. Shoeless peanuin says:

      HEY does anyone know the coordinates for the asteroid to get the princess?

    36. Shoeless peanuin says:


    37. Shoeless peanuin says:

      Yah Shelby just go to this web site and it will help- Hope this helped!:-)

    38. Mike says:

      To get on to the last lava rock on the fire planet you have to stay on the third to the last lava rock and jump from there, it will get you to the last lava rock because the second to the last lava rock is just a trick.

    39. anstiss says:

      everyone! all your questions can be answered i found a person on yourtube who made the videos of how to do everything exept the very end. her name is xomonkeylovexoxo

    40. Nick Spruse says:

      that does no help

    41. Sarah says:

      I wanted the end of the island, not just the first part. I got past THAT! I need help with the flipping puzzle thing, towards the end.

      • frghjkl says:

        imagine the image below is a puzzle
        click on the tiles in numerical value and dont click on the x’s at all (0 is substituting 10 meaning its the last one u click, one being the first)


    42. Molly says:

      Astro knights is soooooo hard!I have defeated the Mother Pheonix on the Jungle Planet, but not the Fire or Ice planets yet. – Molly ,aka Maroon Mosquito!

    43. unknown says:

      how do you beat the mother phenox?

    44. Annomunys says:

      I cant get the windmill to move ugh.

      • anonymous says:

        up there whoever did that “xxxx1234x56x7890” thank you so much ive benn searching the whole internet 4 something like that cuz before that i was so frustrated but anyway thank you!!!

    45. loretta says:

      hi how do you do big nate lisland?can some ne put that pu in a comment?i really need it(and by the way there are no sharks)

    46. leah says:

      i need help on the laser thing so please be nice and help me username maddie1200 thanks byy passwoed maddie

    47. BNAW101 says:

      I cant fiquire out how to open the puzzle door to get in to modreds castle where he is holding the puzzle!!

    48. BNAW101 says:

      oops i mean where he is holdong the princess haha

    49. lemonie says:

      I CAN’T KILL THE DRAGON ON THE FIRE PLANET!!!! i know you have to shoot into his mouth but i cant get the third one with out over heating PLZ help!!

    50. hi says:

      i still dont get the card thing on the door

    51. Kittens!!!! says:


    52. FREAK says:

      i need help on the puzzle thing at mordreds castle. PLEASE help!!!!!

    53. jaydenn says:

      this is easy first u will enter this site then go to the water fountain and if u c the sparkly thing get it and bring it to the left of the fountain into the building give it 2 the guy in the building and he’ll let u look around go upstaires to the bed and underneath the bed there is something grab it

    54. Sadfreak101 says:

      OK my question is What is the easiest way to defeat the mother phoenix

    55. jordan says:

      you all are motherfukers

    56. littlelaw3 says:

      ass hoe is pop

    57. fred says:

      what code for invader ship

    58. mason says:

      The video is deleted!

    59. tigerman138 says:

      Does anyone know how to beat the final puzzel? I can’t figure out where to push.

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