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James Von Brunn Website

James Von Brunn is the guy who created the incident at the Jewish H0locaust Memorial in Washington DC in June, 2009. Basically he is a right wing nut (conservative of the highest order) who think that the roots of this country are being destroyed by certain segments of the population.

In fact after the incident, reporters interviewed the ex wife of James Von Brunn who reportedly told the media that hatred against blacks and jews ate him alive like a cancer.

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James Von Brunn is 89 years old and he is a veteran of the WW II.

The ex-wife of the racist who stormed the U.S. Holocaust Museum described him as an abusive alcoholic whose hatred against Jews and blacks “ate him alive like a cancer.”

According to his ex wife, thats all Mr Von Brunn would talk about. In fact the ex wife asked the reporters to not reveal her name. She also said that Mr Brunn had said many times that he was going with his boots on.

Basically the site that white nationalists gather on is Storm Front, and it is run by a guy called David Duke etc. There is another fella who is managing that site now. You can search for the site on Google and take a look at it.

I had gone on the site some time back to check out what they are talking about. Didn’t find it any interesting.

Have you had any encounters with such fundamentalists in real life? What do you think about it.

    12 Responses to “James Von Brunn Website”

    1. White guy says:

      He did a good job. Proud of you sir.

    2. Steven Spielberg says:

      This guy if off the rocker. Instead media should be focusing on the poor guard who got hit in the line of duty.

    3. George Lucas says:

      Not a nice thing to do Mr Brunn. You are a sick animal.

    4. Dez says:

      David Duke you should be strung up by your testies for saying such a ridiculously moronic thing. It’s people like you that refuse to conform, and it’s people like you who are hypocrites from the start.

      And for the record this is coming from a bi-racial 20-something year old. Get with the program we’re all human we all bleed the same.

    5. K in Newfoundland says:

      Sickening. Horrific. An atrocity of the highest order. This tragic event shows quite clearly the direction where conservatives and fundamentalists want to take the United States. It is time to take a stand against conservatism – the Liberal Cause will never die!!

    6. Boko says:

      re: White guy and David Duke.

      Hard to believe there are still monsters like you who claim to be human. God help you.

    7. Robert777 says:

      Though, I don’t agree with violence or taking an innocent life. I agree with what some of Von Brunn statements. The FED is evil, and is a creation of the Rothschild Family. And yes there is an international Jewish conspiracy to control the world. No doubt about that. But violence by one individual is NOT going to make the “Jewish Problem” go away. It only further strengthens them.

    8. CodyG says:

      Tragic. The guy was a nut and didn’t need to take people with him on his way out.

    9. Bobby says:

      The world would be a better place if perpetrators of murder-suicides commited the suicide first

    10. saint says:

      Von Brunn was a sick man under the delusion of some paranoid fantasies such as blaming all our current woes on “the Jews”. The world of instant gratification IRC chat and the mind-world that it creates certainly fed his paranoia. Hopefully the widow of the guard he murdered will sue for his estate. That being said, there was an element of truth to what he said, and if not, the paranoia couldn’t have been fed. That kernel of truth is that the Nazi death machine consisted solely of ‘starvation camps’ and shootings, not the fabled gassings that we’ve been led to believe. Although no less horrific, maybe more so, if the facts were to be uncovered without the purile labelling of “holocaust denial” then perhaps such paranoiacs would be at last stopped in their tracks.

    11. guappo in Colorado says:

      He is not sick, just an evil piece of trash. I rather it be DNA instead of blaming it on Mom and Dad. Who knows? The right wing talk shows must be careful or their time in America will be gone. List up Clear Channel!


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