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Show Me The Money



1. Information about Ads-Click has been updated as the principals looked directly into the issues raised and took prompt action.


So you have been blogging long enough to attract a decent daily traffic, even managing to notch up a few points on the venerable Google Page rank, and now you want to revamp your website’s advertising strategy to make some exotic money on the sides? You have come to the right place.

Here is my take on this and what I have learned over the past couple of months.

Also, expecting reasonable monthly income from ads will make sense only if you rack up at least 1000 impressions a day. Otherwise its just pennies for a month/years effort.

If you make the cut, then the most important step is deciding which network to go for. Yes, Google AdSense is the de facto numero uno network but explore the field a bit more and you might strike pay dirt beyond your expectations.

It is prudent to devise your strategy by breaking down and analyzing the viewership based on their location and how they reach your website. For instance, I use the following model.

Type 1. Your readership comprises majority of Indian/Asian/Mid East/Non English readers.
Type 2. Your readership comprises of readers from US/UK/EU/Australia/
Type 3. Majority of your readers come through Search Engine
Type 4. Majority of your readers reach site through Direct hits

Most likely your website will fall under minimum two types from the above model. But as the traffic to your website grows and you have broader readership, you might come to satisfy all the 4 types.

Based on the model above, here is my recommendation:
Type 1 -  Google CPC & CPM, Axill (CPM) etc.
Type 2 – ADIFY (CPM), ADIFY Networks like IDG, Premium Channels etc., ADSDAQ(CPM)
Type 3 – Ads-click(CPC), AdSense (CPC), Chitika (CPC + CPM)
Type 4 – CPM Ads depending on geo factor – ADIFY if Type 2 and Axill if Type 4.

5 stars – Ads-Click (, Adify (
3 stars – Adsense, Chitika, ADSDAQ

Ads-Click is the numero uno company out there if you are looking to monetize through CPC.

Initially, I did experience some delays regarding my financial dealings with the company but once the CEO, Mr. Christopher Wagner got wind of it, the issue was looked into and resolved promptly. During this period, I had the opportunity to interact with the staff at Ads-click and one thing that stood out at all times was, they were extremely courteous and helpful. (Note: The 600 lb gorilla in the field – Google Adsense has absolutely non-existent support of any kind).

If you have a blog concentrating on technology, then sign up with Adify and choose the IDG network as your Ad network. They have a very good CPM rate but mostly targetting countries like US etc.

Axill – Axill, a CPM network that has an India specific branch paying in Rupees. I don’t yet have the feedback to commit a rating to them.

One point I cannot stress enough is that always use the backup tags feature provided by the networks. What this means is, let say you go with Adifi and use their 160X600 wide skyscraper on your website.

Now a user from US will be shown a paid ad but a user from India maybe shown a free public service ad. The webmaster does not earn any money from the public service ad so he/she should provide a backup ad in case the fill goes empty.

Using the above mentioned technique, the webmaster can show different ads for the same ad-space [wide skyscraper] to different readers based on geography. This ensures that the space is always being used to further your economic interests.

I have tried the following networks at one time or the other and here is the brief review. Stay away from them unless you hear a good but confirmed report from a direct source:

1. Ad-Brite: Lot of big bloggers use them but I am a little wary of them. Reason being spammers and hackers have been known to buy ad spots and proliferate by buying sponsoring on their network. Plus the quality of ads is also a bit suspect.

2. Widgetbucks: Tried them for a very less time. Nothing impressive to talk about. You may try and give a feed back or if you have already tried them or using them currently, leave a feedback.

3. Bidvertizer: Tried this for a very less time period and earnings were insignificant. Maybe they were underreporting but I have nothing concrete to say about them.

Below is the scene from which the topic line was inspired.


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    1. Eliana says:

      I just mader my research and this only work for uadrpge wordpress users, means that you need to be a pay customer , if you use the free version it will never work. I will stick with my websites and blogger . they give me good result. WordPress has a lots of plug ings and nice lay out, but is not that great in my opinion, plus u need to pay if you really want the nice themes adsense and plugings (decent ones) so fcuk wordpress lol, I dont need it, it gives me head each

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