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Lark Voorhies Saved By The Bell Reunion

I see this show every other day in the morning when I am getting dressed. Some stars I can recognize, others I cannot. For instance, Mario Lopez is still on TV somewhere doing his bit on the anchor spot.

But recently I heard that the cast of the show is coming together for a reunion. That is so exciting. There is a buzz on TV that things are looking good for an anticipated reunion show of Saved By The Bell.

Saved By The Bell Reunion

The classic TV show which was actually among the first in its league of Situation Comedy, the genre which came to be known as SitCom will be celebrating its first 20th anniversary.

The anniversary is being  celebrated in August and fans are really excited to see the cast get togther. The first show of this sitcom made a debut in August 1989 and then went on for the next four seasons.

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