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Flock – Browser On The Block

Having a bit of a problem with Mozilla Firefox? Crashes now and then? Takes up too much memory? Flock is just for you!

Wiki:Flock is a web browser heavily based upon Mozilla Firefox and other Mozilla technologies. Flock is also the name of the company developing the browser. Flock’s creators call it a “social browser”, due to its ability to interact with popular social networking web services. Such web services include Flickr, Facebook,, Technorati, Photobucket, and various popular blogging and news aggregation services.


# Flock’s custom homepage, “My World”, tells you when your friends have new photos and videos and when you have new feeds. My World gives quick access to your recently visited favorite sites as well.

# Bookmarks, in addition to being saved offline, can be replaced with When a bookmark (known as a favorite) is added, it is added to the user’s account.

# Favorites can be tagged

# A favorites and history section are integrated into the favorites manager

# Built-in full-text search using Clucene. Search as you type for pages in the cache

And lot more.

Michael Arlington of TechCrunch says the following about Flock:

We’ve tested most blogging tools out there, including qumana (the best in our opinion), blogjet (Jeff Clavier likes this one) and others. All of these require a download and allow offline drafting and wysiwyg functionality. I have to say I think Flock blows them all away.

Another business review goes like this – At least for a while, that may be enough to sustain 12 guys and and a dog or two in a converted garage in Palo Alto, Calif. But getting traction among millions of Web users will be the tough part, even if the software ultimately works as well as it demos. After all, Microsoft’s browser still commands 90% of browser use, and it’s not standing still.

I have migrated over to Flock and so far its been a fairly good ride.

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