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Six Flags Decapitation

Shocking news of a teenager in Georgia who had gone to Six Flags to enjoy the rides was stuck by a roller coaster and decapitated. The teen jumped the electrified fence to hop into a restricted area and was stuck by an oncoming roller coaster.

As to why the teen jumped the fence, no definite answers are available. Some say he was trying to retrieve something he lost, while others are saying he wanted to touch the roller coaster.

Those who were on the roller coaster were not injurned when the incident happened.

Although I’d like to wait before the results of the investigation are released but it should be mandatory (or maybe recommended practice) to have children and teens accompanied by adults at all times inside such themes and entertainment places.

Quite an unfortunate accident.

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    1. Tarun says:

      Add to that, it was a church group outing.

    2. Troy says:

      The almost-adult teen had it coming. If not this, his stupidity would have ensured he would have been decimated some other way.


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