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Elfego Baca Golf Shootout

Initially when I heard it, I thought there’s been another one of those shooting episodes that have become so pervasive in American culture.

But this shoot out has nothing to do with actual shooting. Its a Golf match and one of the most popular ones on the scene.

Elfego Baca Shootout is actually supposed to be extreme golf and that to at its finest. How the game goes is players start at the top of a hill called Socorro Peak, which is about three miles away from the hole.

The event is quite old and traditional and has been played in in New Mexico since 1960. Another interesting thing is that it attracts quite a wide variety of personalities.

“I guess it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing to go to the top of a mountain and play your way down,” said Miguel Griego, defending champion of the Socorro Open. “You’re never going to get another chance to hit your first shot 1,000 yards.”

The Elfego Baca Shootout was created as a publicity stunt for the small college twon of 9,000 residents.

Have you been there? Are you planning to go there? Tell us below what you think about it.

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