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Taysha Valez Stefanie Zaner

I am going to tell you about the two most hippest girl folks in this country. One is a billionaire, in fact the youngest at 27. And the other girl has not missed a single class in her entire schooling life time. I think both feats are commendable.

Taysha Valez Bio Wiki

Taysha Valez, is 27 year old billionaire who did not happen to inherit the money but in fact made on all by their own hard work. She is the owner of Socialite Collection makeup and skin care line.

Everyone and their mother wants to know Who is Taysha Valez? Interestingly this phenomenon does not even have a Wiki page so far.  Taysha Valez, the 27-year-old beauty, yes she herself is quite beautiful, is a self-made billionaire. She is also the author of Young Black Millionairess: How to Start a Million Dollar Business.

The other girl you should be asking about is Who is Stefanie Zaner.

Stefanie Zaner is the perfect kid who attended school on all working days without taking a break. Not even a single break. This when coupled with the fact that school is a place where germs are plenty, coughing and wheezing is common place, so considering all this is, its the easiest place to catch germs and get sick.

But somebody tell this to Stefanie Zaner. Stefanie Zaner has not given up a single day of school. Not from junior middle to high.

This is indeed a classic feat because I know how I feel on certain days when I don’t feel like working. I simply skip that day.

We give her the Perfect Attendance for the Iron Kid of Darnestown. How is your record when it comes to attending classes or going to to work everyday.

Can you claim a similar feat?

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    1. DJ says:

      Taysha Valez ???


      You’ve been punk’d.
      Do your homework before you blog.


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