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Digital Medical Records

After Barrack Obama, the new president of America, took over his chair, he had numerous challenges ahead to face as the U.S. economy is running all time low. He chose a strategy to look after the health information technology and started to invest in it which he believed will be helpful for the future and it will help in building a stronger economy.

Walmart, which is one of the biggest retailer companies in U.S., took this strategy proposed by the newly elated president as an opportunity to provide funds for electronic and medical records and started investing in medical care industry; they also started providing discounts on their medicinal products.

The strategy of Walmart was to use the present situation of depressed economy and become the only option in the field of medicines for different small physicians and doctors. It was a very intelligent move as the company took the fund providing advantage of the U.S. government that is investing $17 billion in the field of electronic medical records.

Benefits of electronic medical records

There is news that Walmart and the computer giant Dell Company is tying a business partnership together to help the doctors by providing a huge number of electronic and medical packages which also include the maintenance and installation procedure. According to some officials of Walmart and Dell, this service will be launched by the end of August. But like every other policy, this one also has its own pros and cons.

Some expert in the field of economy feels that it is a very good move by the U.S. government to provide funds and helping these companies to manufacture electronic and medical records.  By the use of this new digital or electronic medical record system, many doctors and hospitals can reduce their cost and time as they don’t have to maintain these records on paper anymore which is really a time consuming and sometimes a costly procedure.

They can now use these new methods of electronic medical reports which will accelerate the process of keeping medical records and thus will help in cost reduction and also save manpower which in result will help the economy.

But according to few of the experts, this policy of investing billions of dollars in electronic and medical records will prove costly for Obama government as he is not aware of the real time data in this field. They say that it is a bad move as the whole structure of maintaining electronic and medical records has to diversify or change which will effect in further loss resulting in plunging of the economy.

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