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A Sleek Remote Controlled Chopper

The other day I was watching an advertisment and it looked pretty cool. After watching the extended demo I thought thats a sleek helicopter and must cost a fortune. Maybe only the real enthusiasts would be interested in it.

But how wrong was I.

When at the end of the commercial they announced the price, it took me quite by surprise. It was only $9.99 and some more for shipping and handling. Not that I am looking to get one for myself. But I can be absolutely sure that it would a great gift.

Here are the specs for this gadget.

*  Fully assembled, ready to fly out of box
* 2 channel remote for up, down, left, right control
* 6 to 10 minutes of flying time with about 20 to 30 minutes of charging time
* Requires 6 AA batteries (for transmitter) to charge the Lithium-Polymer battery on the Fairy
* Charging wire stored on the transmitter, no other external power source needed
* 3 band infrared transmitter allows you to fly up to 3 helicopters at 1 time


* Length: 108mm
* Width: 30mm
* Height: 72mm
* Main rotor: 135mm
* Tail rotor: 31mm

In the box:

* Syma Fairy Micro Remote Controlled Helicopter
* Controller
* Screwdriver
* Replacement Tail Rotor

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