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Carrie Prejean Miss California 2009

Carrie Prejean

Carrie Prejean

Is it any surprising that a model from one of the most liberal states has dissed same sex marriage and doesn’t agree with it.

BTW I think the whole notion of California being a very liberal state is mistaken. The state is home to a large number of Hispanics who are Catholics mostly and follow the Vatican views religiously.

So coming back on topic, the current Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, has come out strongly against the idea that partners of same sex should be allowed to enter into a holy union.

When she was asked by Perez Hilton about this, Miss Cali had the following to say:

We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.

Not suprisingly, she has made a lot of foes already in the media and the section of the society which thinks otherwise. What are your views on this.

BTW there were rumors between this girl and Michael Phelps. I am not sure how true they are.

    53 Responses to “Carrie Prejean Miss California 2009”

    1. Troy says:

      Whats going on between these two celebrities – Michael Phelps and Carrie Prejean are in the news too much and many people suspect they are a couple.

      Is that true? Is that what you think?

    2. Craig Bowker says:

      Carrie Prejean deserves to be congratulated for being faithful to her beliefs. Her choice involves certain sacrifices and lifestyles as does Mr Hilton’s.

      If he does not like her response and was only prepared to accept one condoning his lifestyle choice then he is being intolerant of her lifestyle. Hard questions sometimes bring tough to face answers. He must have known that she would give an answer which was going to displease him.

      Perhaps he still feels a need to be accepted by people from without his circle of friends.

      Well done Carrie

    3. Roy MacLeod says:

      Hi Carrie,
      The way I see it, you were attacked by the g.ay community bottom line. And because you do have God in your life and God loves you, they (g.ay)will not give you the same respect that we (Christians) afford them. The resson they will not is because they do not have Jesus in there life. Sad for them Happy for us. You made all of us proud. God Bless you and Great for you.

    4. Cheryl says:

      Did Mr. Hilton ask the other contestants the same question? I bet most of them would give the same response if they were honest. Most of our population honors the sanctity of marriage. It is the perverts that make all the noise.
      Jesus loves the perverts, too…. He loves them so much he died for them…but he invites them to choose life. If they do not turn from their wicked ways, they are choosing the path that leads to death. It is very sad. I will pray for Mr. Hilton.

    5. Mike Smith says:

      Pathetic is the only word for Perez Hilton and his question. Generic political questions are one thing. But to ask a question about one of the most incindiary issues of the day only begs to alienate half the audience. Why didn’t he just ask her about abortion?

      What he did is completely unforgivable, made even more so by the softball question the other contestant received: “Do you think corrupt corporate fat cats should receive taxpayer money?” Uhhh, no. Wow!!! What an answer!

      Also interesting to note that, in her bio, it shows that Miss California attended San Diego Christian College. I wonder if Hilton planned his question specifically BECAUSE she attended a Christian college. Nah….couldn’t be.

    6. Becky says:

      Bless you for saying what you believe. It take a strong person to do that. Always stick up for what you believe and know what is right.

    7. Ian says:

      Im so proud for you answering honestly how you believe and how most of America believes. Good for you, I am so proud! Wahoo!!!

    8. Michelle says:

      I stand behind Ms. California 1000000%. I’m so glad she was strong to stand for her beliefs. She shouldn’t have been punished for giving the answer she thought was correct. What a stupid question to ask, specially on a contest that small children watch.
      The idiot judge that asked that question, shouldn’t have been a judge to start with, and “he” shouldn’t have expected her to give the answer HE thought was correct. We shouldn’t be forced to accept same s3x marriages, it’s not morally correct, it completely goes against what the bible says.
      If that judge expects us to accept his beliefs, than he should respect and accept the fact that not everyone accepts his way of life. I have nothing against ga.y people, I’ve met many and they are very nice, but just because of that does not mean that I agree with them.
      God bless Ms. California!! You go girl!! I hope I can raise my children to be as strong as you, and always stand for what they believe in.

    9. susan says:

      The whole thing is pitiful. Perez and his followers need to take a “tolerence” class. They keep saying “as a g.ay person, I’m offended”. Well buster, the “straight” people are offended too by your reaction and condemnation of others who do not share your opinion. Miss California, God bless you and if there were more people who stood up for their religion, morals, and beliefs the world wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in.

    10. Hoyt Holden says:

      Sorry guys, but unnatural behavior is unnatural behavior. Why do you “ga.y” guys allow child m0lestors to march in your “parades”, anyway?

    11. Glen says:


    12. Sunju says:

      Carrie did what was right. Many of us can learn from her. She stood up for her beliefs rather than give a generic response in order to appease the crowd. It’s best to be agreeable with one’s self rather than float around popularity.
      Not everyone has the same views. No one should force their views on anyone else. Perez basically did what he is fighting against.. He bashed someone for stating what she believed in because it was not agreeable with him.
      She even stated the words.. “..i believe..”, and she was considerate of others feelings not to offend them by stating “ offense..”.

    13. Believer says:


      Never second guess what you believe in. I often think about those godzilla flicks. They told them that he was coming and they did not believe. So what happened? Godzilla came into the city and destroyed it. You keep singing the same song about what our Lord and Savior has to say about the whole issue. Believe me, he will come back like Godzilla, by suprise. He will be coming back on his horse, and written on his thigh in blood will say “KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS”. People don’t want to bow to his Lordship, but in the end every knee will bow and tounge confess that he is Lord when they see him. Stay lifted!

      Warm regards,
      Once an Atheist and now a Believer.

    14. Valerie says:

      Don’t ask a question you don’t want an honest answer to, then go online and call the poor girl a “Dumb blonde B****” because she told the truth! Shame shame shame on that judge. Good for Carrie! I am very very very proud of her. Don’t change who you are and what you believe to be popular or even win a beauty contest. That’s what I want my daughter to know about herself. Love, A Very Proud Mother and Supporter Who Isn’t a Miss America Watcher, But This Girl Made Me Take an Interest

    15. Kelly says:

      Bravo! I’m so glad that you stood up for what you believed. You are the winner to many of us in this country who believe as you do.

    16. John says:

      Ms. California … catapults beyond “Beauty Queen”
      Well Done.

    17. John says:

      Ms. California … catapults beyond “Beauty Queen”
      Well Done.

    18. Ricky says:

      Great answer. Couldn’t ask for a better answer. God bles you.

    19. Romney Dickinson says:

      In my mind Ms. Prejean is the winner in the contest and in life and in integrity, class, character, ethics, morals, and courage. I hope she will know this in her heart and literally. She should be proud and her parents as well. I know I am proud of her and I respect her. The pagent, organizers, NBC, judges, and all involved in it show their intolerance, hatred, and mean-spiritedness. As there is little to watch on NBC and it is 100% NOT a news source I will be boycotting NBC, it’s advertisers. I hope GE/NBC will soon be irrelevant and bankrupt. Oh, and I will put myself on the same level as Mr. or is it Ms Hilton; He, she, it is a insignificant little mongrel b1tch-wh0re with a brain case that a BB could rattle in. May Hilton go to hell and burn there eternally along with NBC and the pagent.

    20. Jimmy says:

      I’m so proud of her. That was her opinion, one that I agree with. That question, no doubt, cost her the crown. Hilton owes her an apology and has no right being able to say such mean and hateful things about her.

    21. Cydney says:


      I was so outraged with P. Hilton and the media’s reaction to your answer. Hilton has a huge chip on his shoulder. I have calmed down though after hearing your mature reaction to the whole thing. God bless you for sticking to your beliefs and making it public when forced to. You are a beauty and a queen to my daughter and I. Thanks for being an excellent example to millions of young girls in America and around the world.

    22. LARRY ILARDO says:

      Carrie-you made the right decision-you traded a perishable crown for an imperishable crown (see 1 Cor. 9:25). I also thougth that your answer was very mild and gentle-I personally would have given a more blunt answer, Like “it is not the function of government to endorse any sin, including s3x outside of marriage. Your brothers and sisters in Christ are your true friends, and we stand behind you!
      Keep 1 Cor 15:58 (“Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil for the Lord is not in vain.”) in mind!!

    23. peche says:

      Bravo Carrie,
      you represent the real California. I am so tired of the intolerance of the ga.y community.
      I am so proud of you. When i heard the question you were given I coudn’t believe it. and when I listend to your answer I was so move and happy. this things doesn’t happen anymore on TV. i am so tired of inmorality
      Thank you, thank you!!!!

    24. tom23 says:

      Why is Perez Hilton a judge for a beauty pageant? They need professional judges not some Hollywood celebrity writer. He is an idiot for asking the question. He should have read her bio before asking her that since she went to a Christian School. This is a beauty pageant not a political debate.

    25. Jessy Ward says:

      I LOVE CARRIE!!! Thank you so much for standing by your beliefs! God Bless YOU!!!

    26. Steve says:

      I am so glad there is a young person with such poise, education, class and says what they think. Carrie I support you 110% you have given me and millions of others in America there is hope for a functional America. Thank you for not giving into the political correctness blinders. The blinders that want to channel eveyone into their likes, dislikes, opinions and anyone that disagrees they want to blacklist. Perez was wrong and his actions only support the fact that you were right by answering with the answer that you felt in your heart and belief system. Thank you for giving everyone an example of a true American.

    27. Teddy says:

      The world needs more people like you Carrie with your basic integrity, heart and American core values. You have no idea how much good will come from your honorable stance on this basic issue of the sacred union between man and woman of which the human race can only progress and evolve through reproduction which obviously cannot happen with same s.ex marriage. Even those you have disturbed know you won in ways which far surpass the temporary glory of the crown. Congratulations, good fortune and great blessings for you and all that you may endeavor.

    28. Robert says:

      I have been reviewing the horrific treatment of Anita Bryant for her brave yet controversial stand, and how the gay community was able to basically burn her at the stake and destroy much of her life. Let’s hope that this incident between Perez and Carrie doesn’t turn out to be a start of a redux of that.

    29. Anthony says:

      Wow! Seems like this is a FOX sponsored site. Perhaps these extra privileges that us heterosexual couples receive with the title of marriage should be revoked. It does not seem very “for the people” if all privileges and perks are not available to every individual. Marriage should not allow extra governmental benefits, etc. Ignorant stupidity is plaguing our nation.

    30. Gino says:

      Carrie Prejean handled herself with grace and beauty, Perez embarrassed himself and the cause of Gay Rights everywhere. He set back his movement 10 years. How’s that for uniting a people !!!!!!!

    31. POPS says:

      I wonder if Hilton knows he set the movement back a few years because of
      his personal insults and hateful closed minded remarks.

      Over the past few years many straight people have become more tolerant
      of the homosexual community. Remarks Hilton made tend to make the people who are indifferent lean a little more to the anti direction.

      Kudos for sticking to your standards.

    32. scott says:

      Another bimbo who should work for a cause instead of strutting her carcass.
      To the moron above who thinks California isn’t liberal- you’re delusional.

    33. Teb says:

      First of all I’m not a gay. Before I came to the US, never heard of any other way of marrage except between man and woman. Over time I have learned great deal knowing different religions, sexuality, and so on. I was monolitic on my belief, look everything from Christianity perspective because that was the only thing I known from the society I came from. I have learned great deal since then. Especially in the US the value of a person is not what religion sh/e belived in but his/her very existance as a human being simply give him/her the recognation of equality. Private matters are not for me to decide, particularly such magnitude and I belive, as much no one make a decision for me to marry my woman, I shouldn’t take any kind of wrongful openions on others. I live in the CA, and very disappointed on your response to such simple question particularly representing such great state, where by default should give you broad perseption of the world and different walk of life. This world, over time become more tolerent and often because of people who have narrow view of the world like you seen creating a sudden surge and appear to chock us. You should be ashamed.

    34. Carriann says:

      You go Carrie!! Don’t let anyone get you down… Like my grandmother use to say, “Don’t ask the question, if you don’t want the answer.”

    35. Erick says:

      gays don’t let child molesters to their parades!
      good for Carrie to speak up for what she believes
      but also, why people have to make such ugly remarks on what OTHER people want to do with their lifes?
      I personally don’t like tatoos, do I support a ban on tatoos? NO!
      if you feel like you need a tatoo… go ahear, be my guest!
      gay marriage is a consentual thing between two adults, if they wanted, they can have it!

    36. Bear says:

      Dear Carrie,

      I will follow the majority above and applaud you for speaking your mind. You have deep roots in the Christian community, and your devotion to it is touching. However, the human race continues to destroy itself through many unseen and indirect ways, too many of which to list. I think change would do a lot of us some good, and I am very tolerant of people in the gay and lesbian community. While you may not agree with their life choice, I think is it unfair and very judgemental to say that they should not be that way, based what seems soley on your upbriniging and life up until now. I will agree with P. Hilton’s video that perhaps a matter like this is not something the country should address, but individual states. Other than that, he seemed out of line. and offensive, which is in no way representative of the gay community.

      Once again, I do think it is refreshing to hear someone speak their mind for once, too long have people said what others wanted to hear and disregarded their own ideas. Yet, our world seems to function on this cause, and it would not be wise to abandon it just yet.

    37. RowUrBoat says:

      I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and consider myself a liberal person. Although, if I want others to respect my opinion and belief, I first need to respect yours, regardless if I agree or disagree. Kudos Carrie.

    38. K says:

      It’s amazing how misunderstood this situation is. For one, Perez Hilton is known for crude humor, and by no means can people take his comments to heart. Secondly, I respect her opinion, although I do not agree- but perhaps as a celebrity, she should have expressed her opinion in a more politically correct way to avoid all of this calamity. As a someone who is constantly under the lime light, she should be more cautious of her word choice in the future. To say ‘that’s how I was raised’ makes her sound as if she was brainwashed and unable to critically think for herself. Perez is always out to infuriate people through humor so it really is no surprise for me the manner he posed the question to her.

      All in all, the world is diverse and we must all learn to respect different opinions- even if we don’t necessarily agree.

    39. James, Philippines says:

      Congratulations for standing up for your beliefs, for what is true.
      Indeed, you have proven to the world that you are a woman with substance and of values. You are a good example to the young ones today.

    40. NYCGirl says:

      She should keep her mouth shut and kiss any chance of a future in entertainment. Next up: she supports the KKK..

    41. Dee says:

      I agree with Miss CA 2009! Trust the Lord and keep the faith He will lead and guide you… I am so PROUD OF YOU FOR STANDING UP IN WHAT YOU BELIEVE!.. May the LORD bless you…

    42. Jw says:

      Dear Carrie,

      We all live in a country where we hold true to different beliefs, loves, and understanding. Eventhough, I am gay and beleive that we should also have the same rights to marriage, I also, believe in the Amendments of the U.S. Freedom of SPEECH. I respect what your beliefs are as I respect mine. It would be quite a boring world if everyone was to think/act on the same guidelines/principals wouldn’t it?

      The only thing that I disagree with in your statement was the term “your country” because I also fought to protect “my and your country” by proudly serving in the USAF during the Cold War. Just think a bit on what I said. There are many different people in “my and your country” with other opinions
      who may share other thoughts as well. And I appreciate that. As long as this does not boil down to discrimination. I think we should concentrate on the world economy, global warming, and renewable resources, and stop the hatred and discrimination that is running rampand around the world. There is a lot on our plates and I find this whole question to be a just another opinion based upon your rights as well as all of us in this UNITED STATES. I do, believe in GOD and in Jesus, no one is going to tell me different. I am what GOD wants me to be and I do know this “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

    43. Jw says:

      Just to let others know, too. The GAY PRIDE PARARDE does not allow Child-Molestors march in the parade. Do NOT classify all gays to be child molestors man of us have high morals just like many of the heterosexuals. I have been to many parades and certain groups have been banned. Take for example NAMBLA. Which is North American Man/Boy Love Assoc., this group has been rejected and outcasted by the community and the parade panel from marching and that was Direct from San Francisco back in the early part of 1990’s. Since then all other states that and other country’s who have a gay pride parade do the same in banning these types of groups. I hope they do march, though then the police would have an easy time in rounding up the scum.
      Do some research first before you speak, please…It is comments like this that create more of a hostile enviornment and is not appreciated. This is a form of discrimination. Again, though, I appreciate your opinion as long as you appreciate mine.

    44. Dave says:

      Awesome job Carrie, saw you on the 700 Club. There is not much you can say about the underworld community except God save them. I think they should all read Mary Baxters book called ‘A Divine Revelation of Hell’, they will have to think twice. Anyways, if you are ever in the Pasadena CA area – shoot me an email in advance to have coffee or sumthin. Thanks Dave C.

    45. Pluto says:

      It is great to see a young person standing up for what is right. As the saying goes…if you do not stand for something you will fall for anything. Thank you Carrie for caring enough to stand steadfast in your righteous belief. We need more people…especially young people like yourself to fight the wrongs that are being promoted in the name of tolerance. Tolerance is not accepting the wrongs it is being able to stand up and fight for what is right. Thank you Carrie.

    46. sn austin says:


    47. Becky says:

      Hi, Carrie
      I believe God used you to remind and let others know what’s true in His word. Satin needs to be shamed and stopped in his tracks. Many of us Americans are proud of you, far more than you might think or realize…thank you for speaking on behalf of those of us who believe in “one man & one woman” marriage. Because you sacriced “you” our Father will bless you.
      Keep trusting in the Lord. We love you and we will pray that God continues to give you grace in everything you do. People like you make us be proud to be Americans.

    48. Joe says:

      Hey “Carrie”.. as I see it You are a “Role Model” there are kids out there who look up to you. Your thoughts and words will have a great impact in there life . I firmly believe “Gods” plan was for “Adam and Eve” and not “Adam and Steve”. I am sure when the judge popped this question to you. You feared no one there but God himself. Bravo!!! You said it Baby!!. Bless you for saying what you believe in. I am sure your family shares great value and the greed of winning a title did not take you away from it. We all know it takes a strong person to do that. Always stick up for what you believe and know what is right. We are 101% with you in this. God bless ………………take care ….joe

    49. Kerry says:

      Carrie, thanks for your honesty, integrity and strength. It is truly an inspiration to me. The best of luck to you and lots of love.

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