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Miranda Tozier Robbins

LAPD Police today arrested a woman named Miranda Tozier Robbins on charges of trespassing in Britney Spears home in Calabasas, California.

The woman called Miranda Tozier Robbins was in fact peeking into the window of the pop sensation Britney Spears home and wearing camouflage at the time of arrest. Also, when the cops arrested the woman, she had a camera on her as well.

Besides trespassing, the woman was charged with disorderly conduct, was cited for all these infractions and then released.

Many of you would be surprised to hear that this girl Miranda Tozier Robbins also auditioned for American Idol during the fifth season in 2005. And guess what song she sang during her audition? Who else but Britney Spears’s, ballad Everytime!

So what do you think? Do we have another stalker or just a crazy fan who was interested in getting some exclusive paparazzi pictures that she could make money off.

I am going to post the Miranda Tozier Robbins pictures, photos, and youtube videos below as soon as I find them. It would be great if I can lay my hands on  the police mug shot as well.

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      You’re not leaving sh*t without permission pal….


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